The Diary Game [ Wednesday 16/11/2022 ] : Another Day Without Electricity| A busy Day for me carrying out alot of activities

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Hey mates 👋,

Good morning to y'all in the house. I welcome you all dear kids $ parents. I'm about presenting my daily activities and it's my diary game of yesterday Wednesday 16/11/2022 which was a great day I spend shopping and buying things for house in the market together with @tangwe-rene

Dear Diary,

morning period 🌅

My day started when I woke up from bed very early at about 4am. I went out and eased myself then return and went back to bed since places where still dark and extremely cold. When I layed on the bed, I began transcribing my previous day diary game and got finished only at about 5am. When I got finished, I then began watching fun videos online and entertaining myself with.

At about 6:30am when it was already dawn, I stepped out of bed then emmidiately when I fetch water then return and did house activities as I dry cleaned the house then clean the outside environment

After cleaning my house

After drycleaning and cleaning the environment, I brushed my teeth then cleaned my face. since @tangwe-rene spend the night over at my place, he was still sleeping and he woke up only at about 9am.

*arranging my bed"

When he woke up, I then arranged and kept my bed in other. Then at about 11am we arrange because he needed to accompany to town since I had things to buy such as door blinds, window blinds, buckets and other items for my house

Afternoon 🌞 period

We arrived town at about 12:30 pm in the afternoon, we were hungry since we haven't eaten since morning, so we branch to a nearby restaurant so that we could eat

At the restaurant eating

While at the restaurant, we use the opportunity to charge our phones since where I live there haven't been light for more than 4-days. I ordered rice and sauce while tangwe-rene order pourlige Irish potato and beans and each plate causes 500 XAF each ( about 4.8 STEEM at 0.16 STEEM value)

After eating, we waited patiently for about 30-mins so that our phones could charge a little. After 30-mins, we then took our phones and entered the market.


window and door blinds which I bought for my house

I bought window/door blinds for 15,000 XAF ( about 150 STEEM at 0.16 current value). After buying this items, we proceeded to where they are selling kitchen utensils

Bought My Kitchen utensils

When we proceeded there, I bought things like spoons, plates, cups and a bucket and all caused me 5,000 XAF. After buying this items. We didn't go home directly as I had to take tangwe-rene to my aunt's business place where she sells palm tree juice ( locally called Matango or white stuff). We went there when she just arrived the market.

Our drink

My aunt saw me and was very happy because it's been a while I visited her. She gave us 1.5 liter of the drink and we began drinking and entertaining ourselves there then later her regular customers started coming

this man is extremely very funny and can crack jokes alot🤣my aunt's customer drinking

When those customers came, we started discussing while they cracked alot of jokes and my aunt's business place was very hot as I laughed and laughed 🤣 because the guys are extremely very funny and jovial

tangwerene and I decided to live so that we could go home early. We then boarded a taxi back to mile3 where I'm staying. As we came out of the taxi, I saw a woman roasting maize and it was looking very delicious which we had to buy and it

bought roasted maize and ate

Evening 🌆 Period

We arrived home when our light wasn't back yet, besides that our phones were really down since we didn't charge It fully while in town. We left to my friend's place because he had light but unfortunately he wasn't around. We decided to go to tangwe-rene's aunt home so that we could charge our phones there.

While approaching her home, she was seated Infront of the compound at her business place roasting maize, plantains and plums

At Rene's Aunt business place

She was happy seeing Rene and I because it's been long she lastly saw us. She then gave us plantain and plum to eat. While eating, we left to the compound and charge our phones then finally left the place at 6:30pm when places where dark. We arrived home at 7pm then I took my bath since I encountered alot of dust during the day.

After taking my bath, it was now time for business as I had to review alot of articles in steemkidss community since it was my moderating day. After carrying out my review in steemkidss, I then proceeded to the crypto academy where I also reviewed articles. After carrying out all this activities, I then did and research so that I could start preparing for the upcoming contest for next week at SCA. I only got finished at about 10pm and I was feeling extremely very tired and dizzy. I then called it a day and scratch to bed


That was how my Wednesday was spend dear friends of Steemit. It was a great day which I spend in shopping and buying things for my house with @tangwe-rene

My regards : @chiabertrand

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Thank you for sharing the your quality content here. Roasted maize are looking so tasty.

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