Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W2: Impacts of Technology in kids lives by @camzy

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Greetings amazing steemians. it is always an honor to participate in the weekly contest and today, I am here to enlighten us on the positive and negative impact of technology on our kids' lives. I am @camzy and I hope you enjoy reading my piece.





I will begin with the definition of Technology. Technology is the act of applying science in every aspect of human endeavor both in business, career, education, production, etc.

In Technology, we have grown beyond analog to digital, technology has made things easier for us. Great opportunities are created or are available due to it, you can get job opportunities online, create jobs for others, create websites, and apps that will fetch people money, educate the youth or children, and place orders for stuff you need both edible and Non-edible, stay connected to your loved ones and friends, who may be far away through social media, calls, video, or audio.

the list is endless and we can see that technology has come to stay. the impact of technology in the world today is overwhelming and beyond our imaginations. regardless there are positive and negative sides to this and we will be discussing these effects on our kids today.




  • In academics, technology plays a vital role in the education sector. Digital platforms are being created for the wards and teachers for effective teaching and learning environments that enable the wards to learn effectively both in school and at home, have knowledge of certain things, make research about their assignments, project, and things, not school related.
  • kids can actually use technology to explain in detail a particular subject or topic. We have visual and audio learning methods, kids are able to learn fast through these methods e.g object capturing or pictures.

  • Technology enables the kids' to have knowledge and interest of their supposed career, talent, and skills, operate devices, and get new ideas that could interest them positively.




  • Technology, can expose your kids to so many things that they aren't supposed to engage in, like cyber crime, fraud.

  • Technology is also a means of distraction in the lives of kids they are glued to their devices, watching movies, playing games, etc. when they should be reading and developing their minds.

  • Most times, technology becomes a source of addiction, that they can't stay without, which can lead to poor
    performances in life.


How would you rate the impact of technology in kids' life? Highly positive or negative? Explain.


In this aspect, everyone has their own opinions and mindset, and my say as regards this section is solely based on the activities around my vicinity. and I will say that the effect and impact of technology despite the positivity, is highly negative on the lives of kids'.

Personally, I believe children should be introduced to technology at a later age. The height of distraction among the kids is very high. Also, we see children tend to get role models from bad characters due to this exposure to technology and later in life become a problem to society.


Can you have control over the exposure of kids to certain technological products? How



The kids, need to be guided, directed, and put under observation so that they can move in the right direction, their parents or guardian have an important role to play in this. So as we were asked in the question if we can have control over the exposures of some technology products and devices.

The answer is YES. we can have control over some of this. As I mentioned earlier that the parents and guardians have a major role to play as they could help activate child locks on most of these devices. Most devices should be withdrawn from children until a later age.




In conclusion, technology could be seen as a loss and gain of today's society, Regardless of the cyber vices associated with it, it has put food on the tables of many and made the world a global village. The present and upcoming generations can explore. Technology has come to stay and the right approach to it would be beneficial to not just our kids but the world at large.

I invite @chenty, @uzma4882, and @olabillions. thank you all for reading my post.


technology is useful, to improve learning, how it made itself felt in the forties, in many countries. but it also has that negative impact, where children can adopt inappropriate behaviors.
To avoid all this, its use must be under strict parental supervision.

Very true dear. Thanks for stopping by to read my post

Technology has both negative qnd Postive impacts in kids. But if we use it in a limit then it is not as much harmful for health.

 6 months ago 

Technology, can expose your kids to so many things that they aren't supposed to engage in, like cyber crime, fraud.

Cyber crime and fraud which is a prominent matter in modern world is a bad impact of technology. You have brought up good points. Good luck.

Thanks dear. Honestly cyber crime is really eating in the hearts of our kids

The pros and cons of technology you have highlighted are correct, I find them acceptable, and as such we have to care about the technological product exposed to kids and we as parents must set an example by limiting the use of technology in kid presence.

Thanks for sharing.
Comments on my publication will be appreciated
Good post published


You have to know how to balance the benefits and disadvantages of the use of technology in children.

Technology has been of great help, since it helps the intellectual development of children, leading them to carry out activities that seemed impossible for children to carry out.

Similarly, it is important for parents to supervise the activities carried out by children on these devices, and to regulate the time they spend connected to them.

True, there are many advantages and disadvantages of using the internet, balance must be placed between it and our physical activities. Kids must be taught well on how these things can affect them and rules must be Put in place for them.
You have done well in sharing your thoughts and suggestions. Greetings!

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