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Hello everyone! I am highly honored to be able to participate in a great contest organized in a very wonderful community. Exploring through this community I noticed I have been missing out on a lot of great contests organized. however, this contest is one that has come at a very good time for me and this is because, the real meaning of love has actually located me in the past months and weeks.


Love, a four lettered word is something which cannot be left out when it comes to humans and our nature. Love has diverse explanations and meanings depending on who, where, when and how it comes in play. However, love has a general meaning and its simply defined as, “a strong feeling or a deep affection for a person or something else.”

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What do you understand by love?

My understanding about love is complicated. I will say love is a bond which cannot be broken and also love is basically an inbuilt feeling which drives people to do the unexpected. For example, someone sacrificing his/her last penny just to make another person happy is a typical expression of love and this cannot happen on a normal basis. For me everything I do in life is out of love and this is because, whenever I’m set to do anything, I put my all in doing it and it takes love to be able to bring out the best.

Who can show love and why?

The conversation about who can show love and why is one which is relevant and simple. Anyone no matter the situation or circumstance can show love. I know you are wondering why but this is because, as humans our minds are made in such a way that we will be drawn to a particular thing such that if its taken away or if something happens to it, it causes a great pain to that particular individual. And to clear the air love is not only expressed by or to humans. Animals show signs of love to humans and also humans express some kind of feelings for some of their own material things and this backs my point that everyone can literally show love.


Have you shown someone love, how did you do that and how did the recipient feel?

Personally, I have showed and expressed love to several people in my entire life. Let me use this opportunity to share this encounter I had with a friend. One bright Friday afternoon, I was very exhausted after work so I left to my house very quickly in order to get some rest. However the rest I was planning to have was called off because a very close friend called me saying he needed some amount of money to pay some bills because he was facing some financial problems and surprisingly the amount he said he wanted was the same amount left on me for that particular month and I had no hope of getting any money. This kept me in a very tight position but something in me kept giving me reasons to help out my friend with the last money I had on me so I rushed to his location and gave out the money and the reaction of my friend caused tears to drop from my eyes because it really meant a lot to him at that moment. It takes love to be able to make this happen.


Has anyone shown you love before and how did you feel when love was shown to you?

As I stated earlier, I have been showed love in diverse ways in my life but one which I cannot pass by without sharing is how my dad expressed his love to me. Even though he has shown me several times that he loves me, this was one of my best moments when I felt I was really loved. I recall when I was sick some time ago and immediately I dad got the news he left everything he was doing and he had to travel almost a full distance from the north to the south of my country where I was. With this I felt very happy and assured that I still have someone who still loves me.


Express your love to someone in a practical way.

One practical way I can also express my love is by using my skill which is graphic design to wish my cousin a happy birthday as she celebrates her third(3rd) birthday.


Do you think love is a virtue that should be cultivated by all and be demonstrated in a practical way?

As I said love is life and in life we work towards our good and in doing love must be an essential material which should be demonstrated in every aspect of life by all and with that there will be a manifestation of the true love in our everyday lives.


How did you learn to show love and where?

From the community and vicinity, I grew up in, love is a lifestyle and I was raised in that particular lifestyle so I got to learn about love since Infancy and also my church played a very great role in incorporating the teachings about love in the bible in me.


How will the world look like if everyone cultivates this quality?

A world without love is a world of instability and in view of this if everyone cultivates the seed of love in their gardens within, the world will be a better place for all of us.


I will like to conclude by appreciating @steemkidss for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts about love. I will also use this opportunity to commend the admins and moderators of this great community, your work is highly commendable


I will also like to invite, @monster88, @illy123 and @mukadas to also participate in this wonderful contest.
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Hi @calipo09, thank you for taking part in this contest.
Love is indeed a beautiful virtue to cultivate

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