Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W4:Childhood or Adulthood, Which do you prefer? by @arahman

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Greetings to everyone, it’s brand new week and another episode of the Steemit engagement challenge. This week is actually my first time participating in this very unique contest. For this week’s topic is very exciting and interesting which will bring different contrasting views from different people, Childhood or adulthood, which do you prefer? it is something that has caught my attention and that is why I’m submitting my entry today for the first time. Without wasting much time I’ll like to head straight and pour my opinions about this topic.

Who is considered as a child in your country?

With respect to this question, there is going to be different answers to it based on the different countries we find ourselves in. But I’m most cases many people consider children as those who have not reached the age 18. Usually people below this age are then subdivided into teenagers/adolescents and then the lower part of children who fall between the age of 0-10 while adolescents fall between the ages of 10-19. In general, persons below 19 years are considered children.

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In my country, any person who has not reached the age of 18 is simply considered a child and hence also referred to as the dependable part of the population. This means that, children are not ready to make their own decisions and live on their own. In some cases it may be difficult for older children such as the adolescents to listen to authorities since the very much believe that they are approaching adulthood, which begins after the age of 18.

Adolescents under some developmental growth called the puberty. Some of the growth in these adolescents persons may include; deepening of voices in boys, broad chest and growth of hairs in both boys and girls. Also the girls tend to develop breast and develop hips. So all these growth makes them believe they have reached adulthood and hence they believe they should make their own decisions.


Who is considered as an adult in your country?

After my explanation of who a child is, there isn’t much to discuss who and adult is, since we can get the idea of who an adult it from the explanation of a child. If you’re no more a child, then automatically that makes you an adult.


An adult refers to an individual who has completely the transitional growth from childhood, thus the completion of puberty. As an adult, you are entitled to make your own decisions since you are considered to know what’s best for yourself and you can be able to live on your own in a different environment. In my country, adulthood starts at the age of 18.


Childhood or Adulthood, which do you prefer?

I am currently 22 years of age, and writing this post as an adult, I think most of us can agree that being a child is way more easier and I would prefer being a child to an adult. When we were kids, most of would have dreamt of growing up fast so that we can escape certain duties as a child and we mostly thought that being an adult would be much easier since there is freedom and you can do what you want as an adult. Little did we know that being an adult was going to be the most difficult part of our lives.

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As a child, all your needs and expenses are catered for by your parents or guardians and you don’t need to move a muscle to find those needs. All you need to do as a child is to ask, and if there is to give, you will be provided. But in the case of being an adult, you are expected to go out there and find job before you can provide some of the basic needs, especially when you complete school.

Additionally, childhood is a stage of our life’s where we do not have so much to stress about but all about having fun.

At childhood, the brain is very sharp and able to comprehend ideas and knowledge, this makes learning easier for most children. When there is proper training and guidance at this stage, the child grows up to a very good person as an adult.

Lastly, childhood comes along with less responsibilities since you do not have to work and provide for yourself. Unlike childhood, being an adult comes along with so many responsibilities such as being the bills and providing for yourself.



The above are just a few reasons why I prefer being a child to and adult. All the memories of being a child still puts a smile on my face, from friends to family we had a good childhood experience and how I wished I could go back to being a child. I wish I had some childhood pictures to share with you guys, but I don’t have one on my phone at the moment.

Thank you guys for this wonderful topic, I wish to participate more in this engagement challenge exercise and I hope more exciting topics will emerge in the future to discuss. I would like to invite @abudooji ,@boboyanky and @rubilu123 to participate in this contest.

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 10 months ago 

I honestly, agreed with what you have said.

childhood is a stage of our life’s where we do not have so much to stress about but all about having fun.

It is true, during childhood we tend to enjoy a lot of goodies without stress from our parents from money still night is play eat and sleep but in adulthood it's not like that. Thank you so much for sharing your post with us.

Thank you for passing by

 10 months ago 

You are right being child we are free from responsibility and tension, its joyful perod of our life.

When we were kids, most of would have dreamt of growing up fast so that we can escape certain duties as a child and we mostly thought that being an adult would be much easier.

Being adult we missed our childhood

 10 months ago 

I agree with every letter in your post. As children, we wish to be adults someday so that we can be free, independent and have control over our choices of certain things not realizing adults are complaining of responsibilities and they wished to be children as they were. Your post is very detailed and simple as the contest requires. Thanks for participating in this contest. I wish you luck but can I ask this question. It came across my mind while reading your post. Children are under the roof of their parents right? Some adults of 18-22 years are under their parents and still take decision from their parents. So aren't these adults classified as children?

Well, you can’t say they are children just because they still live under the roof of their parents and take decisions from their parents. Simply because in most cases, all that the parents do is to share their opinions with the adult and then he/she will have a final say about the decision.

So in short, all that I’m saying is that you are no more a child as long as you are 18 or above. They should make their own decisions, even though some parents may not agree.

 10 months ago 

Excellent point.. Thanks anyways

Food to read your publication, I see you prefer the childhood day, truly those days are worth loving, no problem and less worries, I would have live to prefer my childhood but spanking wouldn't let me choose, 🤣 as such I prefer my adulthood where no more spanks will occur. how our childhood Experience his also plays a vital roles on which to prefer.

Thanks for sharing
A comment in my engagement publication will be appreciated.
Greetings and blessings

One can never forget those days we used to be spanked for causing trouble 😂. Thank you for having time pass through my post and I have sure done same on your post.

Yes, those spanking cannot be forgotten easily,

 10 months ago 

You are right my friend, childhood comes with less responsibilities and that is the reason why most of us prefer childhood to adulthood. In childhood, you need not to worry about anything at all. I wish you success in your entry. Please also visit my blog and engage with me through my entry.

Thanks for having time to go through my blog, I will sure have a look at yours too and engage with you.


Very interesting presentation. Everyone love to stay or come in childhood period Beacasue of limitless love and care. Wish to good luck ☺️

 10 months ago 

Nice write-up, your reasons are fine, welldone

The lack of strong concerns, the attention of parents, the absence of strong responsibilities, are some of the reasons why you prefer childhood.

Childhood is a stage in which we are not overwhelmed by day-to-day responsibilities, and we live every moment to the fullest.

In adolescence we use to think we're developed enough to have our own decisions despite this is not widely true indeed, depends on the emotional status in fact. Excellent text you presented here. Good luck.

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Guy this is true because as a child, you have nothing to worry for.

Thanks for sharing.

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