Enumerating URL types used for Steem Apps

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Although there is no given reason, URLs in Steem Apps use the same URL scheme between them. Whether you use steemit, steempeak, or busy, the URLs are the same between them.

So when we want to mention another user we use @leprechaun or if we want to refer to a specific post we should use the path only part of the URL. For example, instead of https://www.steempeak.com/@leprechaun/feed, it is better to use /@leprechaun/feed as a URL and whatever interface the user is on he can stay on that same interface.

It is not immediately obvious how some of data from these URLs are generated. Finding things in the steemit/condenser source code is not fun and the steemapi docs lack completeness.

So here is my created list of URL types for Steem. I shall edit and update this post as time goes on.


interface beneficiary {
    account: string, 
    weight: number

interface Opinion {

interface post {
        post_id : number;
    author : string;
    permlink : string;
    category : string;
    title : string;
    body : string;
    json_metadata : string;
    created : Date;
    last_update : Date;
    depth : number;
    children : number;
    net_rshares : number;
    last_payout : Date;
    cashout_time : Date;
    total_payout_value : string;
    curator_payout_value : string;
    pending_payout_value : string;
    promoted : string;
    replies : any;
    body_length : number;
    active_votes : Array<Opinion>;
    author_reputation : number;
    parent_author : string;
    parent_permlink : string;
    url : string;
    root_title : string;
    beneficiaries : Array<beneficiary>;
    max_accepted_payout : string;
    percent_steem_dollars : string;

User Feed:



User Blog:


/@useraccount or /@useraccount*/blog

Loading comes from:

startPermlink : null|string,  beforeDate, 
limit : integer, 
function (error : any, result : Array<post>) {});

NB: Is beforeDate a string representation of a Date or a Date object?

View Posts by some order

/one of trending, promoted, hot, created, payout, payout_comments, or muted
Still investigating

View Posts by some order with tags

/one of trending, promoted, hot,
created, payout, payout_comments, or muted
/some tag
Still investigating

Two part forms with @username

/@username/one of 'blog', 'posts', 'comments', 'replies', 'payout', 'transfers',
'author-rewards', 'followers', 'followed'

still investigating

Three part forms with @username


To investigate...

Do you other ways to improve this document? Do you know of other forms that were left out? Leave your comments below.

Source: steemit/condenser/src/app/utils/steemApi.js:function parsePath(url)

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