I pledge my support to a community supported blockchain

in SteemDevslast year

This is a repost of the comment I left on @blocktrades recent post.

I am with this 100%. As I said in a post I made soon after this whole mess started, I will support a community-supported blockchain with my dev skills. I have been working on some stuff and I can't wait to share it on the new chain.

We have the advantage of distributed collaboration and its innovation far outpaces and outweighs that of a single company with warped intentions.


I think it's worth considering a default decline_voting_rights aprroach to custodial exchange accounts.

We could use the social pressure route: agree as community members not to use a custodial exchange unless it declines, and insist on that when new ones are setup. Maybe let the exchanges know that accounts that don't will be flaged on a UI level as such and users may avoid them.

Any ideas on this?

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