Few Questions About Hive and the Split

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I want to ask a few questions about the new Hive blockchain. Although I have a pretty good idea what the answer will be in most cases, maybe the answers will help others who may be in the situations described by the questions.

1. On the announcement of the new Hive blockchain, the "30 day delay added on crediting vests towards witness and SPS votes" was unveiled (a measure I agree with). Thinking of borderline cases though, will this affect the airdropped HP? If yes, how will governance be assured during the first 30 days?

2. Enough people are powering down now on Steem. Including myself, for the first time since I joined, even though I haven't decided what I'll do with the stake, but I thought a liquid form of Steem would be best given the circumstances. Will the power down cycle continue on Hive (and should be manually stopped if desired) or it will be interrupted when the switch will be made on the new blockchain?

3. Some people may be in process of changing the recovery account (most likely away from @ steem). Will the 30 days delay till the new recovery account becomes effective be interrupted (with or without updating the new recovery account?), or remain in place? Will/should @ steem recovery account be reset for everyone still using it on Hive to a different one, by default?

4. Will the Hive blockchain carry over the unclaimed rewards and the pending rewards (however influenced the latter will be by not carrying over the excluded stakes)?

Those are the questions I came up with so far. Looking forward to Friday!


Good questions. From what I've read in Discord at the time of the snapshot tomorrow it will contain all the powerdowns, rewards and I would imagine the recovery states at the time. It would then continue on with them as normal. Any new changes, after tomorrows snapshot, will continue on the separate chains. Not sure about your first question.

Yep, that's what I thought too. Thanks for your comment!

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