Kani Bot - v1.10.0 Update - Getting started with splinterlands notifications

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This is going to be a short update because I have just implemented only one little feature in this release. A few days back some of my friends were discussing how they don't get notified anywhere when someone is sending a card to them. They would know only when they manually go and check the explorer or if the sender itself notifies someone. Today I quickly worked on a feature to receive notifications on discord from Kani Bot when a player sends cards to another player in the game. For now I have made the notification look a little simple and in future I will try to add more details and improvise the notification.


The above screenshot shows how the notification will look like. Both the sender as well as receiver will be notified. As this was a quick implementation, I did not try to add any further details to the notification like what card it is and the details of the card received. I will probably be adding that later. For now, I have provided a link directly to the peakmonsters explorer page so that anyone can view that transaction and find out what cards they received. I believe that would help for now.

I hope this feature will be useful for people who are playing splinterlands to get notified when someone is sending a card to someone.

I have not added notification support yet for mining reward, curation reward, and Author reward on Hive Engine yet. I couldn't get a working API for that. If I find one in the future, I will try to add that notification as well to the bot.

I mentioned the above in my previous article about Kani bot. I have found the API for Hive Engine and I was able to enable mining reward, curation reward, and Author rewards on Hive Engine. That was done as part of the v1.9.0 release and I did not make any separate article for that. I just wanted to mention that in this article itself. If you would like to start getting notifications from Kani Bot on discord, you can join the below discord server and get started.

Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/S4x6PFz

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