Weekly Report of Steeming Community for the Period of 09- 11- 2021 to 09-18-2021

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Hello everyone! This post serves as a weekly report of activities of the Steeming Community, below is the list of all the events performed in the community this week.

We had sent our delegators reward for August,

Contest initiated,

Announcement of the winner,

Those are the latest happening of Steeming Community, we are planning to be more active in the coming weeks.

Steeming Community invites you to follow this proper theme and tag in your next posts to have bigger chances of upvotes from the curators.

1.Mind/Body/Spiritual Health, anything to do with overall human health.#mindbodyspirit-steeming #health-steeming
2.Science and Technology.#sciencetech-steeming
3.Arts and Crafts.#arts-steeming
5.Finance, Crypto.#finance-steeming #crypto-steeming
6.Nature (Plants, Animals, all things in Nature, etc.#nature-steeming
7.Lifehacks, discoveries, review, sharing on experiences that you think will benefit others.#lifehack-steeming #review-steeming #sharing-steeming #discovery-steeming
8.For steemexclusive post publish in Steeming Community.#steemexclusive #steeming-community

Delegate to @steemingcuration community curation and earn steem monthly depending on the amount you delegated.

Steeming Community Quick Delegation Guide

- [ ]
25 SP100 SP250 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2500 SP

Steeming Community curation trail.

Discord channel.

Thank you,

The Steeming Community Team,

 2 years ago 

hopefully in the future the steeming community will always be victorious, and also keep the enthusiasm for members or moderators in this community to write their work here.👍👍

Hello Steeming Community, I agree to be part of Steeming Community by committing to Proof of Support 30% beneficiary to @steemingcuration

Good evening all Steeming Community, have listened very much agree with the terms of use

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