Steem Feedback Contest Entry Post || by @simonnwigwe



Hello guys,

It's indeed a pleasure to be part of these wonderful contest that talks about the feedback I have on steemit as a platform. Today I will be discussing a lot as it affects me as a member of these amazing platform. Please follow me as we talk about all that needs to be discussed.

As a member of the Steem community, What improvement would you like to see on the social platform

To be sincere, I want to first and foremost appreciate the steemitblog platform for their continuous work in making sure that the platform always meet the need of its users. A motivational speaker once said and I quote "To employers, if you want your organisation to flourish, you need to have time to discuss with your employees as many of them may have bigger idea as to how the organizations will grow". So I believe these step taken by steemingcurators is a very great one.

Well for the improvement I wish to see on the platform, just like Tron is integrated on the platform, I wish a chat option also be integrated on same platform. Instead of us using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Discord to communicate with one another. We should have a chat room to enable us promote steemit as well.

Which other features, tools, improvements, and functionalities do you believe will benefit the user experience and improve the usability of the social platform?

Apart from having a chat forum on the platform, I think we also need more curators to attend to our various post. It's important to mention here that @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator03 and @booming support finds it difficult to attend to all the post of they present users of Steemit. Note that more users are coming into the said platform on daily basis. So for people who where motivated to join because they saw how others are becoming very rich and wealthy through the platform will be discouraged if after posting for like a month or two with any tangible outcome.

If you are the owner or manager of a Steem community, tell us more about what you believe will improve the "Communities" update and its management system.

Seriously, I recommend the owner and manager of Steem community, sir you are doing well. It is actually not an easy task to be a manager not just a manager but a manager of Steem community.
Well, if I am privileged to be at that position, I will make sure all I have listed above will be put in place, starting from integration of a chat forum in the platform, and creating more curators to meet the daily needs of they users of the platform. More also, you will agree with me that the integration between Tron and Steemit brought many Tron users to steemit. In my opinion I will work towards integrating other crypto currency into the steemit platform so as to get more users.


My sincere appreciation goes to @steemingcurators for such a wonderful opportunity given to me as a user to air out my own contribution to these amazing platform. I wish some of the points I portray here will be taken into consideration.

I am using these opportunities to invite @josantos, @predomina and @yakspeace to also join in these amazing contest so that we can also here from them about their feedback on steemit.

Special mention
Cc: @steemitblog
Cc: @steemcurator01
Cc: @steemcurator02
Cc: @steemcurator03

Thanks for reading...

 last month 

Thank you for your feedback and entry into this contest.

I think users should find a community that fit their interest and makes themselves visible to the founder of that community. All the best in your journey on steemit. 😊


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