What’s next after Covid?

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Now the Covid narrative is unraveling the question arises – what next?

It feels good to have many restrictions removed here in the UK – and seeing fewer and fewer people sporting masks. Though we’re not out of the tunnel yet. There are still voluntary rules in place such as at large venues. I can go to a concert but I will need to take an expensive test to get in. Same for air travel. Visiting mainland Europe means even more rules and restrictions.

As Covid becomes reduced to a virus we have to live with, circulating among us like any other cold or flu virus, rules and expectations will have to change. However, the creation of the bio-surveillance state is well under way, but is it cemented into place?

What next from the New World Order?


If you appreciate that the plandemic is to cover for the ongoing economic collapse, then knowing where we are in that picture is informative.

Currently, why the press is cooing about the highest economic growth since WW2 the real economy is faltering under the burden of debt. Of course, comparing 2020 to 2021 is no reflection of how strong the economy is. The lockdowns were as devastating as WW2 for many.

A recent study by economists at Johns Hopkins University found that the lockdowns reduced hospitalisations by 0.2%. Meanwhile they had a much larger affect disproportionately on the poorer sections of society, plunging many into poverty and greatly exacerbating mental health issues for millions.


Into this weak economy (which don’t forget has been artificially supported by massive money printing since 2008), we now have raising interest rates. The US ten year yield has broken 2%, and the US Federal Reserve is holding an emergency meeting on Monday. An interest rate rise looks imminent.

Although the real emergency they will be discussing at the Fed meeting is how to facilitate more massive money printing.

In summation – the economic collapse is ongoing and likely to accelerate if anything. Can they blame it all on Covid? I don’t know. Do they need a new something to continue with their plans?

New World Order Plans?


Well I don’t put myself forward as an expert here. What I know is that they need something to use to cover up the hyper-inflationary crisis that they are creating. That they want to extend control – especially via bio-surveillance and monetary control via central bank digital currencies. Plus get us living a carbon net zero life.

They’ve made incredible headway in the last two years. We know a lot of this has been in the pipelines. Ready to be rolled out. Take the mRNA technology for example. I’m sure I heard that Moderna had been experimenting with this before the outbreak of Covid and found that at levels to be efficacious it produced too many adverse events.

There’s also the question of a depopulation agenda.


I’ve listened to a few industry insiders who have raised the red flag over the vaccines. I’ve heard the conduct of the vaccine trials was appalling, and that some batches are essentially bad, laced with, for example HIV. When I first heard this I was sceptical, always take everything with a pinch of salt. Nonetheless vaccine damage has already been done and the effects may not reveal themselves for years yet to come.

So What’s Next?


The march to totalitarianism is marked by periods of fear interspersed with periods of calm. I wonder if we are in the period of calm. Can they release a new variant – their ability to do this may have been undermined by the mild Omicron variant. Although in favour of this scenario is that the groundwork is all prepared.

I’ve heard some talk about a cyber attack. Indeed people point rightly to Cyber Polygon (we know how the NWO like to have simulations and run throughs before launching a red flag event.)


However, I’ve been hearing about this for a long time now. Granted, you could say there were people talking about pandemics and medical emergency years ago too. So, I think it’s an outside chance, but it’s possible.

Right now folk are concerned we are on the edge of WW3 with the whole Russia/Ukraine situation. Whilst it would be fool hardy to ignore the increase in tensions, the current situation is nothing more than political theatre. As the US and its allies ratchet up Cold War 2.0 as a diversion for their populations. Any comparisons to the Cuba missile crisis of 1962 are misplaced.

Furthermore, to me, this plandemic has exposed that behind the scenes Presidents Putin and Xi and the NWO are all partners in crime. Putin after all was one of the global leaders of tomorrow groomed over at the world economic forum. That’s not to say there aren’t genuine tensions between them – however since MAD (mutually assured destruction) wars are by proxy – like Syria.

Are they going to release a new, deadlier HIV?

Right now the Covid narrative is breaking down, but have the NWO advanced enough of its agenda? Now the infrastructure has been put in place for the bio-surveillance state will it be hard to dismantle? Or, as the economic collapse accelerates, will the need for bigger diversions be required?

Kit Knightly, writing for Off-Guardian, asks

even as they seek to dump this pandemic in a shallow grave, they are already prepping the public for the next health scare – Aids.

On Worlds Aids Day 2021 a new Action Plan was launched to end HIV transmission by 2030. Meanwhile, a new variant has been found in the Netherlands which causes faster disease progression. That it was discovered by a Christopher Fraser, an Oxford University researcher, should ring an alarm bell straightaway.

The Off-Guardian piece critiques a comment is free piece published in the Guardian this week which claims we need a new strategy for dealing with Aids.

Naturally, a key plank of the new strategy comes a push for Aids testing, just as tests for Covid are becoming less available and more expensive. In a video where Prince Harry invokes his mother – once again we are being implored for the sake of others that its our “duty” to get ourselves tested.

In a truly startling coincidence, Moderna’s HIV vaccine began clinical trials the exact same day the news of the new variant hit the headlines.


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