Steeming Community Contest | My Steemit Journey in Relation to #club5050 | 50/50 Journey: @natz04

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My inspiration to participate this ideal and awesome contest which initiated and created by @steemingcuration in #steemingcommunity. In which sharing some good thoughts and ideas in relation to the #club5050 program of the #steemit team.

As today, I want to share my experience of being a member of the hashtag #club5050 program of the #steemit team. Which is a great decision that I have made for the rest of my life here in #steemit. I'd never regrets that I've been able to made this decision in dealing with the hashtag #club5050 here in #steem blockchain.

And inorder to check my #steem and SBD activities within a 30 days of period. By checking with this link: Comparing and balancing my #steem power-up to my #steem cash-out for the last 30 days. Which is much better that my #steem power-up is greater than my #steem cash-out.


My #steem power-up is greater than my #steem and SBD cash-out.





Having and using the hashtag #club5050 deal in every of my post was quite interesting and exciting. But rather not to expect too much so that it will not be turn to disappointment nor discouragement. But just continue to create and make some good content and quality post. And sooner or later it will be notice by them.

Although not all of my post was not be able to be supported by big curators (@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02). But my aim was still creating a good and quality content articles which can give some good thoughts and lesson to others.

Where it is really expressing a good feeling when there is someone (@steemcurator01) supporting on your post. And messaging you like this "#club5050 😀" with a smiley imoji.

Which it is really exciting and overwhelming to reply a short message of "thank you". It sounds like telling silently, yes I've made it! Expect the unexpected individual visiting and wrote under your post which is really AWESOME!

Happy abiding and supporting the rules of the hashtag #club5050 program beyond of my knowledge.

Just always be POSITIVE!

Inviting steemingzen: @chibas.arkanghil, @agentlin423, @momshie85.

30% of my rewards goes to @steemingcuration.



 2 months ago 

Shared on twitter.


 2 months ago (edited)

!zen 30

"When you see his message to you with a smiley".... relate much bro🙂 ... then suddenly you also smile..that's epic. So let's just continue to commit to club5050. Surely it will bring us somewhere better.

Contest entry verification:

1. set 30% post payout to steemingcuration
2. steemexclusive
3. posted at Steeming Community
4. at least 300 words
5. used of own photos or with source
6. contest post resteemed
7. commented the post link
8. invited at least 3 friends
9. tags used

Thank you so much for joining this contest. I wish you good luck!

 2 months ago 

Hello maam @fabio2614. Thanks for approving my entry.🙏

 2 months ago 

!zen 30

Your post has been supported using the @steemingcuration account.
Keep posting at Steeming Community.

 2 months ago 

the post has been upvoted successfully! Remaining bandwidth: 220%

 2 months ago 

Thank you maam 🙏

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