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Hello fellow steemians! It has been awhile and I hope you are always doin' fine.

This time, I'd to share how we are able to spent our quick summer getaway with my family despite everything what's happening around us.


It has been quite a while since this pandemic and since we are already allowed to go out but still will have to follow the protocols.


We grab the opportunity to take a break, to inhale exhale our stress, spent quality time with family, making new memories to cherish, and take time to relax and unwind. Though, its just for a day but it's really worth it.



Last saturday, we went to the beach/island hopping accross our island which is very popular to many tourist for island hopping.


It's really funny how I love the beach but still I didn't know how to swim. Who's up with me? And I really don't know why everytime we do island hopping I always have motion sickness.



The boatman asked us if, are we wanna a ride a banana boat? Since we haven't tried yet it so why not. But,I didn't had the chance to experience how it feels to ride a banana boat because I am really scared and Im not feeling well bouncing over the waves. Apart of me wanted to, but it gives me chill thinking how to be at that boat. Maybe next time?



Though we weren't able to go the popular islands where we can see the white fine sand beaches, we are still able to find a perfect one for us. Spending time here with my family was amazing.

Looking forward for another adventure with my family.

Thank you for always supporting on this community and to all the people behind.

Hope you like my blog.


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