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Hello fellow steemians, I hope you're doing well today.

I would like to share with you our experience when we went to one of the tourist top destinations here in Cebu where in Buwakan ni Alejandra and Strawberry Farm. Because that day was holiday, we decided with my family to go for a break and breathe some fresh air.



First, we went to the Strawberry farm, I was so relieved because it was the first time I saw a real strawberry plant, and because of that, my grandmother actually bought a strawberry plant to take care of in our house, unfortunately it died, maybe because the climate is too hot or we just don't really know how to grow strawberries.


The second place we went to was Buwakan ni Alejandra. It's the second time I've been here, at first it wasn't that beautiful, it didn't have a very beautiful view, it was still full of flowers.


It's not like now that a lot of people are really going because of their beautiful flowers and many things have changed, they have added a lot to get a good picture. It is pleasing to the eye to see the different colors of flowers. Their stairs also look like a rainbow because they painted them in different colors.


We rested here first with my grandma and my sister. I was so breathless down the stairs that I almost fainted from being so tired and hot that day.


On the way home, we were hungry and had run out of food. Fortunately, we found a restaurant by the sea. Aside from their delicious food, you can smell the fresh breeze. If you can just hang out there until afternoon, you will just eat while you look at the beautiful sea.


It’s calamaris, it’s one of my favorite foods. Who wouldn’t be appetizing to this food.


Their barbeque is also delicious.


Crispy breaded Shrimp, it's also delicious but I still prefer calamaris.

I hope you like my blog.

I'd to say thank you to all the people who have been supporting this community. And for keeping us motivated to keep steeming and to share our story.


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