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Hello fellow Steemians, I hope you have a great day today.
This time, I'd like to share our mini summer vacay together with my family and a few of my nanay's workers.




We should have gone to the beach for a long time, since its still pandemic and it is forbidden to go out, it has always been postponed.

Finally, when it was fine to do some outdoor activities we grab the chance.

And of course, we won't be missed having our famous LECHON. A perfect food when you are at the beach.



We went just nearby which was in Mactan Newtown Beach, we wanted to have time to unwind, chill, enjoy and letting our worries washaway for a time.

Entrance fee 150 (weekdays) 200 (weekend)
Cottage ranges from 400 - 1800
They have corkage for food and drinks



This is my family, one of the most bonding moments we have is going to the beach. Eat, relax, chill and laugh with the whole family. We just ignore the hot weather as long as we were happy and enjoying, that's enough.



And these were one of the people who helped my nanay's business from its inception until now. This was one of our ways of how grateful and thankful we are, my whole family, of their service for such a long time like more than a decade. We have became as a family to them because we have been with them since when we were little.



Fortunately, when we went, there were only few people so we were relieved of our fear of being exposed to many people. Our experience at that time was very enjoyable. It was as if we were alone and the children were happy to swim in the sea. Hopefully this pandemic will come to an end and so the children will be more free to go out of the house.
I'd always be thankful and grateful to all the people behind in this community for allowing us to share and hear our stories.



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it's ok, you still have a lot of chances to do it🙂

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