Steeming Community Weekly Mini-Contest: "Beloved mother #steemit" @josemen

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Beloved mother #steemit.

Feliz Dia madre (3).jpg

I want to call you mother, because you have become for me the support that my biological mother can no longer do, because Daddy God called her to be in his presence.

Mother of my heart, I apologize because I did not know what you meant to me, now that you are not by my side, your memories are not enough to alleviate my sorrows and my pain, for 36 years you were for my present and every moment that I lived with you It didn't seem as important as I wish for a moment to hold your hand and kiss your cheek.

As soon as I reached my majority, I left home and left you with an emptiness in your heart because you wanted me to always be by your side, but I without knowing anything went to explore the world, causing you worries, sleeplessness and anguish to know about my health, if I was well, if I had eaten or where I was.

When I wanted to reconsider, you got sick, my mother, when I got home, your eyes were already tired and wanted to close, I wanted to give you everything you asked for, but you only told me: I just want to see you and hug you son of my heart, today I cry when I remember you My mother, I cry because I don't have you, I cry because I was an ungrateful son.

In your last days I learned that the mother is the only thing in the world that is most important, that it is not compared to money, before you left you told me to value the family and that if someone appreciates and supports you, fight with them until the end. .

When I met you #steemit I sinned you as if you were my mother, I gave myself to you completely, and I give you all the time that I did not give to my biological mother, you give me your support, you are interested in my health and well-being , you worry when I don't see you, when I don't write to you, that's why I don't want to make the same mistake, and I literally dedicate from 15 to 17 hours every day getting to know you better, and when I think that my strength is over you you surprise with a gift to motivate me and my strength comes again and I move on.

For that and many reasons, I love you, my mother, I will never leave you, I am happy for everything you give me and I promise to fulfill my promises to you, made to my Biological mother Iraima de Mendoza.

separador purpura.png

photo with my mother Iraima de Mendoza / Venezuela

I want to invite @glendispadilla, @carlos89 and @genesisdeguedes and everyone with pleasure to participate.

 2 years ago 

@josemen muy buen poema veo que te tus palabras son sinceras verdaderas salen de corazón

 2 years ago 

felicidades que lindas palabras @josemen

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Que Bendición hermano @jesusremaj7, ser tomada en cuenta mi participación, cada día me esfuerzo para dar lo mejor.

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