Dear Steemit Week #02: Forever Thankful To You!

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Dear Steemit,

I hope things are doing well with you as everyone is wishing you well in life. Though it's my first time to send you a letter but know that you are always in my mind and part of my day. My day is never complete without seeing you and how the members of our family do in our community. I may be silent sometimes but I kept connected with most of our brothers and sisters here. As what you have taught me/us to be engaging, friendly, helpful, be an encourager and of course a friend to everyone.

I know you have felt this that our platform is improving day by day because of the hard working members that loves me, them, especially you so much. You made all these people an encouragement to every steemians like me. I am grateful for all their work as well.

If you can remember, I have told you that I am going to give birth soon to my first child and I would like to ask an apology in advance if maybe will be out for a while especially in posting, so I can regain strength, focused to baby and husband, but rest assured I will still be able to check our community from time to time.


Since my estimated date of delivery is coming soon, I feel a little bit anxious, some worries, but more on excitement for finally soon I would be able to touch and hug my God's greatest gift. Maybe it normal, right? What do you think? I figured you have a lot of children already and maybe you can help me understanding these thoughts I have now.

Oh by the way, did you know that you brought back the life I have lost when I lose my job due to pandemic, and those times of feeling helpless and so discouraged, you were there to lift me up?

YES, you did those help to me. I was in that moment that each day was never an exciting day for me because I don't feel productive, I felt helpless and so I did not look forward for another day to come. It was very depressing. So I prayed harder to God to give me something I could do while at home. Aside from being productive, I also wanted to earn financially so I could support my family's needs especially during pandemic that everyone was affected. Seeing my neighbors struggling too was a devastating feeling I had as well. when I can't do anything to help.


Soon those days that I kept asking God to bring me something to help me and others, you came back into my life just at the right moment when I needed you the most. Please forgive me if I leave you those times when you needed me to be around. I was very selfish and just enjoyed those moment away from you. I am also forever grateful to @fabio2614 for she helped me and others to work harder and build a better community in here.

From that time, you taught me to be more generous with the blessings I have from you. God has blessed me with an awesome community. My family has been so grateful as well because we are able to help our neighbors and others in need too. That feeling every time we do charity work is so fulfilling and heartwarming. Indeed, your help has helped us a lot.


Thank you for reading my letter. I will keep you updated soon next week about my self, family, giving birth and everything and will for sure constantly check on you too. Take care and God bless you my friend!



I invite @jufranketchup @jesmilingirlover @jes88 @lealtafaith @sweetspicy @steemitcebu @jaofran to write a letter to Steemit. See you all then!

 3 years ago 

Laban buntis, praying for your safe delivery

 3 years ago 

Salamat Ma'am ❤️

Congratulations Ma'am :). Keep safe always!

 3 years ago 

Thank you sir!🙂

 3 years ago 

Hello @georgie , God bless to your safe and normal delivery. Let's claim it and thanks God in advance... my hug and kisses to your baby steemy soon😊

Your entry to the contest has been approved. Your participation is highly appreciated. I wish you good luck!

 3 years ago 

Thank you @fabio2614!❤️

 3 years ago 

You have been curated by @fabio2614 using Steeming Community curation account.

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much!❤️

 3 years ago 

Hi @georgie84 could you make a post to receive the prize of Steeming Community Weekly Contest: "Dear Steemit" as we will send the upvote prize to your active post. Thank you.

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