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RE: Steem Blockchain PowerDown 1 Week

@steemingcurators. I believe that 4 weeks is healthy for the long run. A true investor will not shy away because their investment will incur a 4 weeks ROI. The bigger worry should be: What will happen to he value of Steem in FUD? A rushed and massive sale by everyone will crash the price. So for the future and sustenability of Steem, I rather go with 4 weeks.

 4 years ago 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Investors do not like it when their capital is frozen. Massive dumps are part of the game, and as I said an opportunity for others.

Nothing is wrong by attracting flash investors as this surges the prize and benefits all token holders, you just got to be on the right side of the trade. We need a hight STEEM prize to get noticed, I think we can get there by doing this.

Thanks for your thoughts!

@ciska. I would love it to work out this way. If this will attract more investors, improve the value of Steem without any adverse effects on the longer run, am in for it. Makes a lot of sense from the investors point of view and can make it a marketing advantage.

Before I setup @steemalive community, I attracted an investor that decided to start small because I proposed that the capital will be frozen for 3 months. I added the extra 2 months to allow enough time to generate more ROI. Her Investment of 200,000 Naira in local currency is around 2000 Steem then, which I bought and powered up in our community.

If powerdown is reduced to one week, then I can get more investors because like you said, they hate their capital to get stuck a long time. Was just worried if it won't encourage pump and dump and aftect the value of Steem in the longer run

 4 years ago 

Hi thanks for your answer.

Except for making the code as attractive as possible, we obviously need a thunderstorm of marketing.

In the long run it has a positive effect on the prize, as more investors and people will know about it. If the returns are high enough, there is less possibility of flash dumps because we have increased demand.

I see this a massive opportunity and one that needs to be thought about.

@ciska. Let's do it. I believe it will be a huge success. Steem to the moon!!!

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