5 news about bitcoin and blockchain - July 25

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  • The OKEx exchange has added three more new expiration dates to its trading options: daily, two-day, and monthly. This follows the previously released weekly, biweekly, quarterly, and bi-monthly options. Multiple expiration represents a major update to OKEx options trading, following the launch of ETH and EOS options trading.

  • Two new Chinese cities have joined the fast-growing blockchain and fintech sandbox program managed by the Chinese central bank. The names of the two cities have not been disclosed, but the new additions will bring the total number of participating companies to nine.

  • The Ukrainian government has unveiled plans to start monitoring crypto transactions in the country. According to an official announcement from the nation's Ministry of Finance, the government will use blockchain analysis tools from Crystal Blockchain, a research arm of blockchain technology group Bitfury. The ministry said the solution will allow it to "verify the origin of the transactions."

  • Banxa, an Australian fiduciary entry and exit ramp that works with companies like Binance and Edge Wallet, reported that it has entered into a strategic partnership with U.S. Zero Hash, a company that it said is providing the regulatory and technological rails for the digital asset ecosystem. Banxa said the agreement will allow it to offer its gateway solution to exchanges, wallet providers and "other cryptocurrency businesses" based in North America.

  • Chinese financial services giant China UnionPay is looking to fill new senior blockchain positions. The financial firm said it is seeking a "number" of postdoctoral research professionals with knowledge of blockchain and digital currency related issues. The search confirms the importance China gives to the sector.

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