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Hi everyone! How are you all been doing? Are you still having fun here? For me, I'm as usual not that much of a content creator I mostly most of the time reading others posts and sometimes I don't know what to comment or have nothing to comment on and just upvote their post: not that great practice as people should be commenting on each other post so the author feels seen at least. 😅 Other than that I do daily curations as I'm responsible for submitting daily selection posts at several communities for Community Curation Support of Booming. Then sometimes checking on my team members at Steem Greeters and other communities that I help managing..

In this post, I will share my observation on the type of users or community members that we have on Steemit. This post is just for entertainment purposes and purely based on my own limited personal observations. You might add some other types that you see on Steemit if you see one, just to add to the fun 😁

On Steemit we have several types of community members. I will categorize them as follow:

Content Creators

Pure content creators
These are the users that coming into Steemit to share their content and simply just this.

Grumpy content creators
These are the users that creating content and in return hoping that they will get steem out of it from steem curator or investors of Steem. They will be haunting the curators of Steemit if they don't get any steem or not enough steem payout on their contents. They are the users that I usually mute in here

Casual Users

These are the users that usually just consume the contents here. They sometimes appear in someone's post comments section leaving some meaningful thoughts/opinions or just simply write something on the comment section to let the author know that they have been visiting. Or sometimes nothing..


These are the users that coming here that have spent their own money to buy steem and power up that steem so they get curation reward out of it to get the return on their investment. They also get steem power by earning it from the community work or through their contributions into Steem Community.
Investors on Steem Community have several categories too.

Active Hermit Investors
These are the users that accumulating steem power just so they get to upvote their own posts or delegate to delegate for upvote service. They also purchased steem so they may buy upvote from buying upvote service. They usually don't involve in any community projects and just simply doing their things, milking steem...

Active Angel Investors
These types of investors usually those who are actively involved with the community activities, helping their members to grow and delegating their steem power to other communities here to support those communities' growth. They also sometimes write content to educate or organize a program for the community. A good example of these investors is the Steemit team/the steemcurator01 that most of the users here chase after for upvote..

Community Builders and Community Developers

Then the next types of steem community members are community builders and community developer that are using their time, energy and skills sets to contribute to the growth of Steem Community.
You may only see them publish the programs or projects that they currently do for the community. Those that doing it to seriously earn money here will be complaining about how they being underpaid or not enough reward for their works. And those who do it for fun are fun to be around..
As for Steem Developers they may be seen only publish their current report on their project or service that they currently offer to Steem Community; this including the top witness of Steem Blockchain. They usually supporting community projects too by delegating their steem power or curating community members' posts.

Serial spammers and plagiarists

These types of users also include as steem community members as without them some of us here have nothing to do. They create jobs for some of us so their existence has some contributions to the Steem ecosystem too, it is just not in so favorable way..

Which types of community members are you in this type of user on Steemit? 😄


I'm Pure content creators

 2 months ago 

Hi @cryptokannon. I really had fun reading this 😂🙊 you really are a good observer.

 2 months ago 

Glad you enjoying this observation 😁

 2 months ago 
Disfrute leyendo ésta publicación y me identifiqué con dos tal vez usted me agregue otra jeje. Estoy consiente Crytokannon será de forma constructiva mis saludos.
 2 months ago 

Hi! I'm glad you enjoying and reading this ramble from me 😁

Still wondering the category that i fall under..lolx

 2 months ago 

I might miss your kind here, let us know which kind you are so I list it out here too 😄

I don't think am in a better position to grade myself right now because i really want to put much effort on here afterwards you can now grade me.lol

I would have really love to leave a beautiful comment here, but now I am scared of being addressed as Casual user, which I am .

Anyways thank you for bringing this to our notice, I just really realised I am a Casual user.

Which category will you recommend for someone to belong to

 2 months ago 

Hi! Just be who you are, any category is contributing to the steem ecosystem, you have a lot of options here, but hoping that you won't choose categories that somehow ruin others' experiences here but that adding the flavor to their experiences too, the choice is yours! I would personally recommend you to become active angel investor if you can 😊

I couldn't stop smiling while reading this beautiful contents @cryptokannon, as for me I'm a pure contents creator and I'm a community builder who did it for fun! But my aim is to become an active angel investor.☺️

 2 months ago 

Hi I'm glad you enjoyed it and happy you get the humor 😃your aim on Steemit is honorable, I wish your aim coming true, we all win that way 😃

Thank you ☺️

 2 months ago 

This is hilarious @cryptokannon, some are here to catch cruise not minding the upvote but do what they enjoy most and at the end of the, they are seen as people that are insane but all the same, different people and different characters come her to share ideas and some with the mindset of murdering the upvote but is not so, they quit and say steemit is complicated.

 2 months ago 

we humans were made of many kinds and that's what makes us fun, imagine if we all are just the same, that would be very boring Earth 😄

 2 months ago 

True talk, our differences make the world a better place and try to keep distance because some are worst than pandemic.

 2 months ago 

try to keep distance because some are worst than pandemic.

I just cannot this one 🤣 true there are people like this kind, it is good for our overall health to not having them in our close proximity 😆

Your article is so funny. The presence of different types of users adds color to the Steemit platform. I hope to be an active angel investor.🙏😊

As community builders and managers, we put our energies into the community. we are looking for all ways that can be useful for a better steemit. I really liked this article. and I got to know the people who haunt the curators and community managers when some people didn't get votes. 😁😊😊

Laughed so hard 🤣

 2 months ago 

I don't know which category I belong to.

Nice post... I would call myself Active Angel Investors, moreover I learned a lot of information from the interactions. In fact, I do not understand very well why several users do not comment ... they lose very useful answers and information

Hola. Soy nueva en la red, y me pareció muy interesante tus obsevaciones, quiero ser un usuario de creador de contenidos,y en eso es lo que me he propuesto y voy a tratar de hacerlo lo mejor posible... Gracias por tu objetividad