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I want to share about a sharing from someone that I listened to on a podcast the other day about how we can learn something from someone else through their books. He said that we don't have to spend the time to read the whole book but we look for others who have read all the books and summarize the key points and lessons in the book. This is because we have limited time and we should strive to learn as much as possible from others with less time consumed. He also adds that the time we have saved for reading the whole book can be used to learn other useful skills that we are meant to learn in this lifetime. I think this way of learning is smart and I actually only read summaries of the books since I was in college and I still do the same but now I can find more people and resources on book summaries in form of videos, audiobooks, and also written down. The next thing is you have to recall what you have learned from the summary by practicing it and also teaching it to others in a way that 10 years old kids can understand or else you still haven't mastered the new skills. I like being a jack of all trades but maybe will master a few skills only that I am really passionate about.
How about you all? How do you learn a new skills or experiences? I prefer to read the whole book if its about someone else life experiences but if its about learning a new skills I prefer the summary. Until then have a great day ahead.

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me too, I prefer the summary than reading the whole book. I am also an audio learner. I prefer to listen while working on other tasks.🙂

 2 months ago 

yes, multitasking sometimes 😄

In the books of knowledge. Skills are acquired in practice.

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if I prefer to read while writing because why, my teacher once said "writing makes it easier for us to remember"

I am a reader and I prefer reading the whole book only when i have chance. Even if its about learning a new skill.Reason is because, not all points will be covered in summary.

This might take time, but trust me, it is worth reading all points.

Thank you @cryptokannon for sharing your opinion with us and also creating space for others to voice out their thoughts on this subject, i enjoyed reading others comments too on this matter.

Learning from summaries is a perspective of learning but in practice it can only produce limited results. True skill acquisition involves A to Z of learning to eliminate any element of quackery.
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