We All Must Join The #spud4steem


August 1, 2020 is the selected day for all Steemit users, powerup their STEEM and gain enormous prizes!

This initiative is extremely valuable and I fully support it.
All users should powerup at least once a month. No matter the quantity, the important thing is to do it and motivate others to do it too.

Powerup Benefits Us All.

When stake Steem is increased, it also shows that there is greater confidence in the STEEM project and in everything that its ecosystem involves. Mainly its economy.

Confidence in the economy translates directly into the strengthening of the currency. Thus, with a stronger STEEM, we all benefit.

Let's Powerup on August 1st !!!

Big Prizes


T - Minus 40 Hours - Are you Ready to SPUD? by @kiwiscanfly

This post will show you the guidelines to be eligible for any prizes:

T - MINUS 11 DAYS #SPUD4STEEM by @kiwiscanfly


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