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First of all not all human perspectives are the same, like me . I believe that every human problem has an inherent solution, that will not be given to us if we cannot overcome it. It's up to us how to solve it and we have to learn all that. because I'm not the type to just give up, I want to make the most of every minute of my life, so why should I depress myself?

I also believe that every person has his or her beliefs. There are others who believe. There are others who believe that what you do to someone will return you "karma" if called. some believe that everything planned has a reason. But I believe that everything you do whether it is right or not is your "choice".

That's when I thought why is that, what sometimes you want is not possible, what sometimes you want is not possible, where you are happy will be lost, But in my opinion that's why it is lost or taken away because something better or better is coming or that's not really for you.

Right now my vision is that education will help for my future, I want to learn something new every day, I want to challenge me in something, what I can't do that's what I do. It doesn't matter if you are poor now. But it's your fault that you're still poor when the time comes.


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Very good way of thinking

Oh thank you

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