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RE: Steem Blockchain PowerDown 1 Week

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I read all arguments in the comments too. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, but with four weeks powerdown period I feel quite comfortable.
Of course we need investors, of course they want to get their money quickly, at the latest when things get tight. But I don't believe that such considerations should be our first step. How can we show investors that Steemit is worth investing in? And for that we (and especially Steemit Inc. with its voting power) have to deal much more with abuse in my opinion. Take a look at the trending page. What is being communicated there? How you can make money very quickly with little effort if you ignore any community-building approach without a guilty conscience. I don't want investors who think that's great, I'd rather wait thirteen weeks for my little money...
Four weeks are fine, that's enough to realize financial plans.
Best regards,

 4 years ago 

Thanks Christiane for you time to reply!

All valid points and I completely understand that frustration. We can make Steemit attractive by providing a decent income for its users. Therefore we need to find solutions that can increase the value of the token. Lowering the supply of it is 1 thing, raising the demand for it another.

To tackle the trending problem, we can change the code so the curation window and increased curation for early voters is removed. Manually voting will be encouraged this way. I do not like the "how faster you vote, the more you earn" rule. This has messed up the trending as curation hunters go for those high payout posts. Remove the timeframe of curation, and it is (almost) fixed. (this will be a post on itself, today ;))

Of course, people can self-vote the hell out of it, or create voting circles as before. But that is Proof of Stake, that part can not be changed as it is our core blockchain model.


You are welcome. Besides I like the exchange with witnesses because I believe that you witnesses are the closest you can lead discussion results to where they belong...

I would not call it "frustration". I've been on the Steem for too long to let disappointments guide me. Maybe I'm just tired. Very tired.

Remove the timeframe of curation

In my eyes this would be a great step in the right direction!

that is Proof of Stake

For example, were you looking for @upvu? What if we all delegated there? I can tell you: With my SP it would be worthwhile to publish two or three flower pictures every day... No! The entire SP would be lost to the curation for users with honest work! This is not allowed! And this abuse has been reported many times before, but nobody cares. Is this our Blockchain? The Proof of Stake, the Proof of Brain...?!

Dear @ciska, don't mind! I appreciate your work. It's not you, of course not your foult. Maybe it's just me getting tired...


 4 years ago 

Thanks again dear!

You are doing well, and I am super happy that greed doesn't hit everyone. We are witness, but our voice is not that big as I would want it to be :D

To me, this (upvote services) can be solved as well, partially, and with the help of the community and common sense.

The voting time and curation model is something that needs to be addressed too.
The problem now is, that people with a big stake use that service to get a high upvote. Curators notice this and also vote on these posts so these people now earn even more.

If we want positive behavior, we need to structure it that positive behavior is rewarded. Just like you learned Max that if he is a good boy, he gets a treat. Now he keeps doing that because he knows he gets the nice reward.

We can create that on Steem too. I am making a post about this topic that addresses this!


I see that @upvu votes a lot and it seems like it's some kind of bot, but I can't figure out how to get up from it.

I'm sorry, you have to figure out yourself how this abuse system works. I won't teach anyone how to - in my eyes in the worst way I've seen on the Steem for almost three years - overly enrich yourself and a greedy bot operator. When you have figured it out, please consider carefully whether you want to sell social dignity on a "social" platform.

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