The Diary Game 4-26-2021 || OB Follow Up Check

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Welcome and Congratulations on your pregnancy!
most often words you can hear from your OB doctor if you are pregnant. I know that the arrival of my baby is a joyous yet anxious time for me.


This pregnancy journal contains information to keep track of my baby's progress, schedule of my routine visits and laboratory tests.

Today, me and my husband woke up 4am this morning for my pregnancy laboratory test. We went to HP Hi-Precision Diagnostics to have some tests like Blood Typing, Routine Urinalysis, Fasting Blood Sugar, HBsAg and Rapid Plasma Reagin. It takes 2 hours of waiting for my number to be called. I was entertained around 7am and finished around 7:30am. It only takes 30 minutes to get the blood sample and urine and we went back home to rest for a while and then come back for the lab result.

Moving forward, after getting the lab result from Hi-Precision we went to the clinic of my OB-Gyne to endorse my lab test result and to assist and read it for me. So far the results are all good, and I'm happy to hear that my baby is still in good condition. I was taken an ultrasound and here He is:


I guess that's all for today. More diaries to share with you soon. Thank you for taking a pause to read. God Bless everyone!

Happy steeming!



Oh my baby boy is nearly coming to the world😍😍😘😘

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Wow! Congrats ninyo sir!

Thank you sir @juichi🙏🙏


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Congrats on your baby boy @bien and @chingpherd!

Thank you kalai.. 😊😊