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"The Magic of Goodness"

There was once a happy couple, who loved each other dearly. The couple is contented with their life simple life. The husband worked in the farm while the wife stayed at home to do all household chores. The contentment they felt for two years, was overflowed with too much happiness as they were blessed with twins, a boy and a girl.

The twins grew playful and responsible, they loved school as their father sent them to school in their younger years. As the boy reached adolescent stage, he suddenly began to change. He even came home drank, heavily drank, that he kicked the chairs here and there. He became a heavy cross to his family, specially to his mother.

One day while he was riding his bike on his way to his friends, he accidentally hit an old woman. He never asked an apology for whay he did. The day after the incident, he turned into a child-like fellow. He acted as if he was a baby. He never wore his pants and use to roam around the house naked below. He peed on the floor, so his mother convinced him to wear diapers. His parents specially his mother, could hardly accept his son's unusual behavior, but a mother's heart is bigger than the mysteries in life.

One month had passed, the daughter of the couple went to the market on her way home, she saw an old woman holding her stomach. The daughter did not hesitate to share and give what was on her basket. All of a sudden, the old woman turned into a beautiful lady, she asked what she wished for life, if it was wealth or adoring beauty. But the kind daughter answered, all she wished for was a complete change of his twin brother. That he would act normally and be responsible in life. Later, the beautiful woman was gone. She immediately went home and called her mother. She was surprised when her mother told her great news, that her brother woke up from sleep and acted normally that he even cleaned his room.

She later realized thay she received a gift of magic, the magic of goodness which repays goodness.

I would like to thank @fabio2614 for this amazing contest. This releases my imaginative mind. I am inviting my friends @mich103, @gelthyl, and @burgundy to share the imagination you keep in mind.


About the Author

Mabuhay ! abby0207 is a public junior high school teacher handling English in the Philippines. She makes sure to always have time with her children and shows dedication in her work. She values life and shares it through writing blogs to continue inspire others. Muchas Gracias!..

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wonderful story abby0207, your kids are very beautiful, you've got your gift of goodness too😊

Your entry has been approved. Your participation is highly appreciated. I wish you good luck!

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Thanks Maam fabio2614.

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Thanks a lot!

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