Contest 02 : Find The Total Number Of Triangles?

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Today we will announce another contest. Today's contest is mathematics-related. This is the second edition of Triangle Related Math. In fact, it is like an IQ test. We all probably know about the triangle. A triangle is an image bounded by three segments. Our contest is about finding a triangle. Hope everyone will like the contest and everyone will participate.

The question is given in the picture below :


The rules and winner prizes for participating in the contest are described below :

Rules for participating in the contest

  • Find the answer and then comment in the comment section in this post.
  • After commenting on the correct answer, you need to invite any one of your steemit friends with a mention.
  • Only one entry is allowed.
  • The contest is open for the entire STEEMIT community.
  • The prizes will be distributed if there is more than one correct answer.

Prize Pool

Total price : 5 Steem

Post Submission Deadline

This contest will Run for 3 Days (20 July 2021, BST-11.59 pm or UTC-10:59 pm ) and Then the result will be announced.

So, participate soon and enjoy this contest.

Resteem, resteem and resteem!
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Cc : @steemcurator01,


The answer is 22 triangles
@abdulrazak1 is invited

My answer is 23 Triangles.

The invite join this communities contest user are

Hello everyone
Me my answer is 18 triangles and I know it is the right one
I invite @yohan2on to take part thank you.

Answer : - 26
Invite :- @mashii-zen , @patz99

Buenas noches la respuesta correcta son 22 triángulo.
Invito a @veruskav a unirse al reto

My answer is 20
I invite @ijunawander and @marcjohn to join in the contest.

@akhtarbadar2 and @ddwosky are invited to attempt this.

Thanks for the invite

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