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Greetings steemians, hope we're doing well, sit tight as I write about cyber security. It is no longer a news the rate at which people loss money through hacks and cyber frauds, and the rate at which this happens is getting alarming. Therefore today I decided to make this post in order to create further awareness, and prevent more people from falling victim and losing their hard earned money or important data, which maybe a classified information or personal data.

Meaning of Cyber Security

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Cyber security which is also referred to as Information Technology security can be defined to be the application of technological gadgets, systems, processes, networks, programs, devices to prevent sytems and programs from being manipulated and overridden by fraudsters or hackers. The major focus of cyber security is to lessen the chances of getting a cyber attack from malicious servers and protect ones gadgets from unauthorized system and program exploitation or manipulation. Cyber security professionals do their best to make sure there is no loop hole in the security system, however these attackers are also doing their best to find these loop holes, they develop different methods to override the systems security and avoid IT notice which makes the defense systems porous, they also hunt weak servers which they could easily exploit and manipulate. In recent times the cyber frauds now tend to be focused on work- from - home environments, some new cloud services which are still undergoing development and certain remote servers. Recorded statistics show that cyber attacks has risen massively by 69% since 2015. And in 2018 alone there was an estimate of over 80,000 cyber attacks a day and more than 20 million cyber attack in the entire year.

Types Of Cyber Threats

1. Malware:

This is referred to as a malicious software variants like worms, trojans, viruses and spyware. These software variants aid attackers to easily gain the unauthorized access access which they so desire or cause some damage and security breach to a computer.

2. Phishing:

This is a kind of social engineering whereby a fraudster would pretend or steal the identity of a reputable entity or project, this method often works by sending advertisement links through emails or text messages. These links are accompanied by short notes which will entice the attack target into clicking the link. Once the link is clicked and opened, the major aims are to steal a users login details or debit card number/details.

3. Man- In- The Middle Attacks:

Man-in-the middle attack is a kind of cyber vice whereby the fraudster intercepts a private message between two parties in order to eavesdrop and get classified messages or steal important information which would be utilized by the attackers. A good example is a fraudster stealing data exchanged between the target parties from an unsecured wifi network.

How To Maintain A Good Cyber Security

  1. Ensure to always update your system software.
  2. Install and use a strong antivirus and firewall on your PC or gadget.
  3. Make sure to use strong passwords and a good password management tool. Never use the same password on multiple sites, a good password should contain at least a lower case and an upper case character, a number and a special character
  4. Confirm if the sites you work on have two or multiple factor authentication and activate them.
  5. Make sure to get informed and learn about various methods or forms of cyber threats and scams, don't be in a hurry to respond to emails or texts from unknown sources.
  6. Invite or take your gadget or appliance to a professional for proper system check from time to time.

Importance Of Implementing Cyber Security Measures

  1. Helps avoid cyber attacks and security breaches to businesses and improve network protection.
  2. It creates protection for user data and networks, and it also prevents intercepts and stealing of classified or personal information.
  3. It's creates solid protection for end point devices and end users.
  4. It helps block malicious and unauthorized servers or user access from networks.

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