2nd contest "Steemit Weekly" - Green Inventions

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First number of "Steemit Weekly" behind us, so it's time to collect some articles to prepare another edition. This time the main theme is "Nature".

What to write about:

I encourage you to write the article about any green invention.

You could write about renewable sources of the energy, like solar panels, water turbines or wind farms - let us know how efficient they are, when it was invented and how did it change since then. You could describe all pros and cons, add some curious facts or even let us know how does using renewable sources of the energy look like in your country.

You could write about any invention which will minimize the plastic production: plates made of banana leaves, edible mugs or "plastic" made of cellulose are just few of the examples.

Maybe, instead of that, you will write about some technology or project which will help us to clean the air pollution or the Oceans? It's all up to you. We will accept every invention in micro- and macro scale, as long as it will be related to ecology or nature, in general.

I'm very proud of your entries from the previous week so I am sure this time you will provide equally good content.

Rules of This Contest

🗞️ Give the up-vote and resteem this post
🗞️ Write a post about selected invention
🗞️ Post must be in English or Spanish
🗞️ Plagiarism is prohibited. All sources must be properly marked
🗞️ Post the link to article in the comment below
🗞️ If you add the photos, make sure it’s CC BY free licence or use photos which you made on your own. You can also publish the post without any photos.
🗞️ Post must be published in this community
🗞️ Include following text in your post: "I consent to the publication and distribution of my article in the electronic and paper versions of "Steemit Weekly"and in all social media."
🗞️ Add the tag #steemitweekly in the first three tags


Winner will receive 10 STEEM
Their post will be published in „Steemit Weekly” newspaper.

I might select extra one or more articles which will be rewarded with 5 STEEM and publication in "Steemit Weekly". It depends on the quality of the entries but more importantly, on the available space in the newspaper ("Steemit Weekly" is designed to have maximum 20 pages).

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Post Submission Deadline:

 25th of June 2021, 12.00 (GMT -3)

Announcement of the winners:

 27th of June 2021, 18:00 (GMT-3)

Read the first edition of Steemit Weekly

Special thanks to all our partners:
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Great job! Thank you very much for your article

Entry n°1

You may also want to check list of the "Steemit Weekly" contests for this week: 9 great contests is waiting for you!

I am trying to participate in the write about natural habitat of your surroundings.

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