Find the best Bull run coin (Week 6)

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Hello dearly steemians around the world especially in Zero to Infinity Community, trust we all are good and safe wherever we are 🙏🏾

It's week 6 of Find the Best Bull-run Coin contest as always, organized by my fellow #steemit enthusiast sir @tarpan. A very big thank you to him for such wonderful contest.

The cryptocurrency I anticipate will have the bullish run in the next 5 days

Due to the more extensive cryptocurrency marketcap is currently barreling toward $3 trillion, it's likely that the bulls are unmistakably taking control.

About Zçash

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Zcash; is a cryptocurrency which uses cryptography in giving upgraded privacy to it's users. This privacy is comparable to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the rest.
The initial release of Zçash happened 5 years ago precisely on the 28 day of October, 2016, meanwhile it's latest realeas of version 4.3.0 was on 24th February, 2021 (8 months ago).

The Bitcoin project fork is attached with developers which are Electric coin company (zcashd)& zcash foundation (zebra).

This open source coin is being licenced by
MIT (main zcashd code); MIT/Apache (zebra and some support libraries). While describing Zçash under ledger, it bears equihash as hash function with issuance schedule similar to that of Bitcoin with different block interval and slow start.

Also with 75 seconds (post-Blossom upgrade) Block time as well as 6.25 ZEC ( that's, 5 ZEC to miners; 1.25 Founders' Reward), from Blossom upgrade until first halving as block reward. Zcash has a supply limit of 21,000,000 and as well as 10,028,406 circulating supply.

Zcash transactions are transparent just like Bitcoin in which case both are being controlled by a t-addr or being shielded that's with the control of z-addr.
It's also good to note that , zcash affords private transactions also. Under the option of "selective disclosure" allows a user to prove a transaction for auditing needs.

What makes me think Zcash will pump in the next 5 Days

Another one of the promising crypto to look upon for good investment aside Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest is Zcashwith a very high level when it comes to anonymity.
Even though Zcash coin has many things similar to Bitcoin because of its originality, yet their prices differs. Like now, a single Bitcoin worth $65,310.60 while a single Zcash worth $210.95 according to Coinmarketcap

That means, predicting Zcash price in the the nearest future isn't an easy task at all, yet I can.

One of the major factors which contributed in the development of crypto is privacy, and it's without doubt that Zcash is known as the "leading privacy coin". Other advantages which Zcash offers which can motivate one to invest in, therefore making the price high are lower rate transactions, high level of anonymity of both transactions and users as well as disclosing of payment data to a third party.

A quick look at the market analysis of Zçash according to Coinmarketcap

marketcapVolume 24hCirculating supply



Above is how far Zcash has been progressing in few days back. By this history, I have so much believe in Zcash that there is higher green signal 📉 to witness.

Thank you all 🙏


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