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Today is Thursday, August 13-08-20
I am MD. Toufiqur Rahman from #Bangladesh.

Hope you are well all people of steem blockchain are well and safe.

This is my 13th day in THE DIARY GAME - Season 2.

My Diary

The sky was completely clear since this morning. After the rain for the last two days, it was nice to see the sun today. Today, I woke up at 8.36am.

@toufiq777 & @sohanurrahman


Then at 9am I had breakfast. I ate tea and bread for breakfast today. I like to eat bread.

I went to Parbatipur today. I left home at 10.30 in the morning. I reached Parbatipur at 11.20 am. I bought a Walton mobile for my sister 6 days ago. The mobile was having some problems. I bought the mobile from Parbatipur. So, today I first went to the mobile shop. My friend @sohanurrahman also went with me.

I brought the mobile to customer care today. They will return the mobile next Wednesday. I have to go to Parbatipur again on Wednesday.






Today, I saw an elephant in Parbatipur. The owner of the elephant was using him to raise money. It's not right to do this thing. I saw on TV a man using an elephant to raise money on the streets of Dhaka. Then the police came and took the man away. The man was also sentenced to 2 years in prison under the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act. These people walk 30-40 kilometers of road on an elephant all day. The elephants are then fed less food than they need.

Today, I and @sohanurrahman took many pictures. @sohanurrahman can take good pictures. He is a good photographer. If you go to his Facebook profile, you can see his achievements. He prefers to take pictures with girls.

We went to the market again after taking pictures for about 2 hours. Since it was very hot today. So, we both ate two ice creams @sohanurrahman took 7up of a 250ml.

Then, I left for my home in 2 hours Coming to Chaumohani, I bought 1 pair of sugarcane. 1 pair of sugarcane took 35 tj. Then, I came home. When I came home, I washed my hands and face well first. Then, I took off my clothes and put them in the washing machine And I took a good bath myself. Because the doctors are saying more and more to take a good bath from outside. Then, I prayed. Then, I ate lunch. Then, I prayed the Zuhr prayers.

Then, I prayed the Asr prayers. Then, I sat on the balcony for some time Then I prayed Maghrib prayers in the evening.



Then mother gave guava. I ate guava. Then at 9pm we had an important meeting in our discord group.



Then at 10.30 I ate dinner. Then I ate a banana. At 11 o'clock at night. I prayed Esha prayers. Then, I recited the QURAN. Now, I am writing a post.

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Thank you


You made a great post. Looking at the guava- in your post makes me want to eat. I love to eat guava.

 last month 

Thank you

It is a pity that there are problems with the phone you bought for your sister. First time hearing the Walton brand, did you buy a smartphone and how much did you pay? It was also the first time I saw an elephant walking on the street and I looked at the photo for about 5 minutes straight. I could not understand how the elephant was carrying the man and walking him around. :)) #onepercent #turkey #tr

 last month 

I bought the mobile for $60

With this elephant, the man was taking money from people on the street.

Nice post.
The elephant looks very beautiful in the picture of the first two elephants.

#onepercent #bangladesh

 last month 

Thank you

bro make some time and meet us . its a long time i didnt meet me . lets meet with us and discuss some thing about out community .. hope you can make time and we make a meet up .

thanks for your work.

Great post . Have a good day .

Elephant Picture made Your post look very nice.Which model of Walton mobile did you buy?
Guvava and Banana both are good for human body and both are contains vitamin C. Guava reduces the risk of canser and boost immuninity of human body . On the other hand banana is good for skin and it balance potassium of our health . It aslo hep the digestion system of human body .

Thank you .


waealaykum alsalam
Brother Tawfiq, thank you for this wonderful post. I am from the Levant and it made me eager to visit Bangladesh.

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