THE DIARY GAME : 12/08/2020|| Casual Day

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Today I woke up very early in the morning, it was almost dawn in the outside. Then I went to the mosque.Comparing to the other time day a little less people comes into the mosque at this time. I took my Fazar prayer and came back. Then again I laid on the bed for sleep.

Next I woke up at 7:40 am. Then I brushed myself and freshened myself. Then my told me to eat the breakfast. Rice, mash potato, egg was included in my morning meal. After finishing the meal I listen some Bollywood movies songs.


Pond side

Then I went to the outside and took a little walk. I sat on the side of our pond. A beautiful and soft wind is blowing. I started playing mobile games. After playing few times I went back home. Then I give money to the housekeeper.Then I took a little nap.

After that I went to the rooftop and walk a little and listen some music. Then I play free fire game. At 1:00 pm I bathed myself and prepared myself to take the prayer of Zohor Namaj. I also finished this prayer in Mosque.

My mother cooked chicken, vegetable and lentil for the launch. My mother cooked very well. I enjoyed her cook very much. After finishing my launch I start watching a Bengali drama in Youtube. Then I feel a bit sleepy and I took a nap.

After wake up I saw it raining outside. Some raindrop reached inside our room through the window. I closed the window. Then I unplugged my mobile from the charger and saw some notification.


Rain drop on Kochu Pata

Then I heard the sound of Azan from our mosque. It's Asor prayer time. I finished my prayer at 5:20 pm and play with friends till 6:40 pm. In the evening I took my Magrib prayer. After finishing the prayer I went to home and start reading my study.


good night sefi
After finishing my study I ate my dinner and then started talking with my friend. We have talk long time. At 1:00 am I started writing my own diary. Thanks and good night.


Nice dairy bro.

But if i may ask, what is the difference between Asor prayer and Magrib prayer.

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তোরা কি জাগি জাগিও নিন পারেন?

Nice diary..
Look like you passed a really nice day.
#onepercent #bangladesh

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