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Hello steemians,
We are proudly introducing our community with a motive to bring a big population of Bangladesh under this platform and desire to discover, curate and support not only just people of Bangladesh but also others quality content creators and authors of Steem Blockchain. We would curate contents in both Bengali and English language to encourage hard-work and support originality.

Our Plans

Our main object is to build up a community for the people of Bangladesh and support the newcomers and the quality content creators who produce original contents. Here is how we will be trying:

Steem Bangladesh

As you may know this is not first effort from our country. Before this there was an another who used to try to give support. But right now they are active on other platform. Due to this a lot of Steemit users of Bangladesh has scattered around in this blockchain system and They were struggling for support.Moreover It would not be easy to adapt in this blockchain platform for the newcomers of Bangladesh and some of them may be lose hope and ends up due to lack of Support. But we believe,

"Every end starts a new beginning"

With this believe and hope we build our new community name Steem Bangladesh. We will list contents from registered Steemit user with the member and newcomers plus exceptional contents from guest authors. Then we will support them to keep active in the platform by announcing some program or function.

We will also feature important updates from Steemit team, @steemitblog and witnesses. Moreover we will do our best to make our country people to understand the announcements from steemit and @steemitblog by using our own language. There will be tutorials written by the community members in Bangla and also in English.

Discord Server

We are encouraging our Bangladeshi Steemit users and content creators to connect on Discord Server. We will manage the community form our Discord Server.

Therefore we will be helping newbies getting started with STEEM blockchain, posting important updates, organising reward function etc. Members are free to promote their contents on specific channel by the proper rules. Our Watcher will assess those contents and request upvote.

There will be 6 membership levels.

  • General – Regular discord server member.
  • Content-Maker– Those who are producing quality contents.
  • Watcher – Creators tasked with finding quality contents.
  • Moderator – Server managers who also hold upvote access.
  • knights- Their duty is to find ideas and development of the community.
  • Admin – Can make the ultimate calls.

Any member can climb up the ladder though Moderator, Knights and Admin positions will be restricted. We reserve the right to change these for the greater purpose of our community.

Our community Rules:

  1. Do not share any content by referring community name without the permission of Community Admin @toufiq777. If
    we see this kind of content we will mute that post.

  2. Do not post any NSFW content.

  3. If you are a new user, your Id must have an verified introduction post in Newcomers' Community.


    If you are a old user of steemit , Then mention your introduction post in your first post in our community.

  4. In the first post should have mention link of intro post.

  5. Plagiarism is not tolerated and will get you muted.

  6. Spamming posts into this community will also get you mute.

  7. Hate speech will band you for lifetime.

  8. We reserve the right to change these rules as the need arises

Besides we also appreciate every original content maker who wants to share their content/blog-post here by following all the terms and conditions of Steemit

We Need Your Help

Currently all the SP in this account comes from steem blockchain, @tarpan & @toufiq777 and it's not enough. We will continuously increase delegation as the grow of our account. You can support us by delegating STEEM POWER to @steem-bangladesh. Any amount is appreciated. Right now we are not planning to share curation rewards but in future it may change.

You can also follow @steem-bangladesh Curation Trail on and automatically upvote contents that @steem-bangladesh will upvote. You can customize your voting percentage (default is 50%) and voting power limit.

Who We Are?!

The leader & Admin this community is @toufiq777 , @tarpan plays his role as a moderator and supportive members are @sohanurrahman, @sajibmolla17, @mspbro, @ridoykhan22, @unicode,@fanhim and @dongkong.

We hope, together we will make this community and steem blockchain far better.


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thank u @unicode vai for inspiring me to join this community

First of all, I would like to thanks our leader and admin @toufiq777 Bhai & @tarpan vai for giving me the opportunity to take the community forward.

InshaAllah I will continue my best efforts to take the community forward.

Inshallah our community will be the best community of Steamit.

 2 months ago 

keep it up guys. hope we will do that.

 2 months ago 

আশা করি সবাই আমাদের পাশে থাকবেন৷ এবং সবাই কমিউনিটির রুলস গুলো ফলো করবেন।

I will always post according to the rules and my prayer to you is to post according to your rules then if you have posted after seeing the rules then I hope you will never make a mistake. Thank you.

I wish that your plan will be succes.

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