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Hello all steemians.

How are you all? I am fine by the grace of Allah . Hope you all are safe in this Covid -19 time. This is declared as Pandemic by World Health organisation. So ,it is not a small issue. Be careful. Stay home,stay safe.

A Simple day

Yesterday was 12thAugust, Wednesday. 12th day of my 1000 days of steem ,i am going to share .
Hope you all will read it and tell me if there is any mistake.I will try to recover my mistake. Because,Too er is human.

Let me start my day now. Yesterday i woke up in the morning very lately. It is about 9.00 am. It was not a very morning,but in my sweet home i usually get up in this time.Because I slept at about 1.30 am. But usually i sleep at 12.30 am. So i slept a lot . Then i wake up from my bed and come outside of my room and found heavy rain there today too. But not so much heavy like yesterday. In the night time the rain had done yesterday. But water was outside. This rain had ran about 9.20 am. Then it stopped. And the sun was shining. And then my mother had given all clothes in the sun shine.


After that at 9.10 am, I do brush and refresh myself. Then my mother give me tea and told me to take my breakfast. Today there was same breakfast like the past yesterday. That was Ruti with Lehri. We all ate that very happily.

That were common in my daily routine. I do this things everyday. Then after my breakfast I took my phone to come in internet to check my everything. I saw everything was alright. At first i check my working things,then messages,then others. I had to use internet in the morning . Then I had uploaded a blog about steemmonsters.

Then I sat in my study table to start study. For a student studying is the main thing of his time. So,this is same for me too. While studying,i had used phone too. Because i read from pdf sometimes. I had studied little in that time about 1 hour. Then at about 11 am, i play splinterlands. This has become a routine to me. I play splinterlands daily to get my quest rewards. I try to play splinterlands daily. Because i am playing this account on rent. I have to give 25% of my earning to the delegator. I am a active splinterlands player. I had started this at the very beginning of steemmonsters. Then they had changed the name. After completing my quest i had got this. But i don't like playing this much.

After that about 12.00 pm the, i started watching "Dirilis Ertugrul". Today i watched i little part in that time. Because i had to do some work that time. I will go in a place today. For that i had to get everything arranged today . I may have to stay 3-4 days out of my home. I am going to Patgram, lalmonirhat today. For that u had to package some things.

Then after that series i came outside of my room at about 1.00 pm. Then I took my bath. Then after bathing i had done some crypto buy sell. Unfortunately i haven't do my prayer today. I hope Allah will forgive me. Then i took my lunch. After lunch I took my afternoon sleep. Because one needs to sleep about 8-9 hours daily. Everyone needs to sleep daily,but not after 5 pm . Because it is harmful for health sleeping in that time.

Then i woke up at 5.20 pm. Then i fresh up myself . Then i sat on my table to study. Though I haven't study much in that time because i had watched a movie in that time. By this my afternoon finished. Then after sometime,I took my afternoon snacks. I eat those and drank my tea. Again i had done some earning in that time with crypto. Whenever i get signal i do trade.

Then about 8.00 pm i took my phone again,then i post my photos in Tata. After that i had worked something yesterday. First i pour water in jar and bottles. Then i iron my shirt. As i will go to a palace today,so i made my clothes awesome.

Then i went in our television room,where i took my dinner. Then I came back in my room again and then i had done a little study again. After that i had thought of writing my daily diary. But i missed that in that time, because of some others family work. After finishing my works ,i am writing this post at about 12.00 am. After posting this blog i will sleep. Have a sound sleep all. Good night. Have a good dreams.

It was for now. Keep me in your prayer. Love to the youngers and respect the elders.


About me

I am Sonu Alam. I am from kurigram, Bangaldesh.I am a student of Hon's 1st year.My like to do part time job.As i am kid so i do that in my mobile,i try to earn whatever i can to use as pocket money. I like to write blog,i write to take photographs.If you want to know more about me you can contact me on discord.

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Do you regularly play Steemmonsters games? Do you like this game? #onepercent #bangladesh

 last month (edited)

Yes bro,i play regular,but i don't like this game. I just want to come out from this game as soon possible,but i am not getting time to sell my cards .
#bangladesh create such a beautiful blog today

 last month (edited)

You missed caption on your images. This is very important thing on a blog. By the way you wrote nice blog.

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