"City Night": Landscape Photography Challenge of SteemBangladesh Community [My Enrty]

The Dhaka may we call the city of night. In day this city becomes most painful one but in night its become the artificial queen of beauty. Numerous reflected colors of light enhance the beauty of Dhaka city. You must fall in love with the beauty in night of this city.

No other city is as beautiful as Dhaka in our country. So that, there have a very popular songs about the beauty of Night Dhaka.

ঢাকা শহর আইস্সা আমার আশা ফুরাইছে,
লাল-লাল নীল-নীল বাত্তী দেইখ্যা পরান জুড়াইছে।

In night the Dhaka represt the artificial development of our country. The people of Dhaka city busy to enhance the beauty of this city by artificially, they don't like the beauty of green nature, cause the green become most dark in night.

This is not only for the Dhaka city, it also very much true for the maximum developted cities all over the world. Because city people having a very busy time in Day, they like to enjoy themself in night.

There have no budget to decorate the Dhaka city with green nature but there have millions dollar budget to decorate this city artificially, So that city people can enjoy the artificial beauty of this in the Night.

We don't want the enhancement of artificial beauty we just a Green Dhaka.

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