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Poster for creating Awareness

The coronavirus infection that started in the world late last year is turning the tide on all our efforts. Corona infestation occurs in new places as soon as the disease is not under control in one place. To make it easier to understand, many scientists have compared it to ocean waves. They think that corona shocks can come one after another, just as the waves break one bank after another, until an effective vaccine is discovered.
Their growth is much higher than normal. As a result, thousands, millions of viruses are created in a very short time.

As a result of mutations in these genetic signals, these cells spread large amounts of the coronavirus-infected material throughout the body and cause disease.

Since it is not a living organism, it is just a protein molecule. So there is no such thing as killing it. According to the normal rules, it also decays in the same way that other protein particles decay.

How can we protect ourselves from this virus? :

The time of erosion depends on the temperature, humidity and the object on which it falls.
This virus is fragile. A small fat layer protects it. Using any soap or detergent for only 20 seconds can break down the fat layer of the virus and make it ineffective. However, keep in mind that nature's protection is for intact skin / skin (but this protection does not apply to the inside of the nose, mouth cavity and eyes. Because their outer lining is weak, not like the skin.) So do not use highly alkaline soaps or detergents. Destroys the skin.

We know that fat melts in heat. Therefore, washing hands and clothes with water at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (8 degrees Fahrenheit) destroys the fat layer of the virus and makes it ineffective. Everyone knows that soap foam is more in hot water. So using soap with this kind of hot water is very effective.

Is bleaching powder effective?

A mixture of one part bleaching powder and 5 parts water can break down the protein part of the virus.

Is Oxygenated Water Effective?

Yes, it is just as effective as soap, alcohol and chlorine. But pure or pure oxygenated water harms the skin. So can't be used.

What is the effectiveness of antibiotics?

Viruses are not living organisms like bacteria. So no antibiotic is effective in this case. Remember- you should not shake your used clothes, bedsheets. When the virus just gets on the clothes or gets in the pores of the clothes it gets destroyed within three hours. It takes four hours to fall on something made of copper, four hours if it falls on wood (because wood has no moisture), one day on hardboard and two days on iron. And stays on top of plastic for about three days. So if you use a cloth or all these things for brushing or cleaning (Feather / Duster), the virus particles can fly in the air and float for about three hours and enter the nose and mouth with breathing.

What i do?

Virus particles are protected in the cold. Such as- use of AC (air conditioning) in cold weather, home and car. This virus molecule is also protected from moisture. Such as- darkness.

So in dry, hot and bright places, opening the door of the house and letting the light come in helps to destroy this virus. So do not use AC in home and car. I don't keep the house dark. I arrange light ventilation. The more closed the place, the more risky it is. So it is better to use open space.

Ultraviolet light can break the virus. But it damages the skin. So the mask can be cleaned with ultra violet light and used again. But it is not for the skin. Because it can cause skin folds or cancer.


the virus cannot penetrate healthy skin (no wounds). And vinegar is not effective. Because it cannot break down the fat layer of the virus.

What we have to do-

  • I stay at home.
  • When you go out, follow the rules. I use a mask.
  • The three layer surgical mask can be washed and used according to the above rules (if forced).
  • After returning home from outside, I washed my clothes. Or leave it hanging for at least four hours.
  • PPE made of plastic or eye face, head must be washed well with detergent once used and can be used (if forced).
  • Read the PPE made of cloth or clean according to the prescribed rules (if compelled (because these are made for one time use).
  • I use a head cap that completely covers the hair.
  • Those who have sneezing and coughing follow all the rules issued by the government.
  • hold food items, lock keys, switches, mice, remote controls, mobile phones, watches, computer decks, TVs etc.
  • wash your hands as instructed before and after using the bathroom. Those who have dry hands use Moisture after washing their hands.This is because the virus stays in the crack of the dry hand. Avoid using highly alkaline soaps or detergents.
  • Last but not least, the old adage. It is also religious advice. Let's shorten the nails of the hands and feet. Regularly cut and keep small. Because the virus may be hidden under the nails.

Everyone tries for everyone. I pray that everyone is fine.

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