Better life 🌸 The diary game: season 3 🌸 15 October 2021

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This is @rashesd05 from angbangladesh

  • Today is Friday
    15 October ,2021

  • Today I am going to present to you my daily diary. Today was a very easy day for me. Let me start my diary: -

  • my diary post

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    I woke up very late today to wake up. Then I brushed and went to the land market for breakfast. On the way back home from there I spent the market. After coming home, I went to the land to cut Napier grass for the cows. I brought them home again. Then I gave these to Ghazi to eat.

    Then I washed my hands and face and ate rice. Then I went out and sat on a little tong. After a while, I was looking at Steem on my mobile, I was commenting again, I was replying again.
    Then I went home. I took a quick bath and went to the Friday prayers on Friday. I got ready and went to the mosque to perform the prayers.

    Then I came home after praying. I took a little rest. I almost fell asleep. A friend of mine called me at around 3 o'clock and I woke up. I got ready after getting fresh. After eating and drinking, I went to watch Basupara game with my friends. I went there and ate nuts and watched the game.

    Then I came to the land market in a van after watching the game. After coming there, everyone sat at the Shaheed Minar. But I was in Dhaka for a week and I was not with them. Friends asked about the test. Many times I would talk to them, get up at eight o'clock at night, go to school candy, have tea and breakfast and leave. I also moved to Archie's house.

    I washed my hands and face and entered the room. Then what about the night watching the game on TV
    At about ten o'clock the current went out so I went outside to walk outside so the pot was warming up. I was sitting outside watching dramas on my mobile. The current came around ten o'clock in the morning and then I went to the room. I came and fell asleep.

    This was my daily diary today. I hope you like my diary. Everyone will be fine and healthy.

    Thanks everyone

    Best regards-


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    Peace & Love!

     2 months ago 

    Thank you

    অনেক সুন্দর একটি দিন কাটিয়েছেন ভাই।

     2 months ago 

    ধন্যবাদ ভাই

    Nc Diary 💙

     2 months ago 

    Thank you

    You are most welcome 💙

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