The diary Game season --02||15 January 2022 || (30% to @hive-138339) rasel2496.

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Today Bengali 01 Magh month 1428 and English 15 th january 2022 every Saturday.

Hello💗 friends,


How are all the friends of Steam Bangladesh? I hope you all are well. I'm fine too. However, as the incidence of winter is a little higher, it is getting a little colder. So after coming from the office, I am not leaving the house much. I spend most of my time at home. In the meantime, I am sharing my diary with you. I hope you like it.



Picture taken in the morning.

I woke up at 5:45 in the morning. After that I went to perform ablution and pray in the mosque. I prayed and came home.I came home and went for a walk towards the field. Then I saw that the garden of the house next door has been beautified with banana trees. I took that picture and shared it. After that I went to the office with my bike. I entered the office and started working. I have a light breakfast in the office canteen around ten in the morning. After breakfast I started working again. I work till noon.



Photo taken during lunch.

The office is closed at 11:30 in the afternoon. I came home from the office. I come home and take a bath. Then at lunch I eat chicken meat. Now I came to the office with a little rest. As soon as he enters the office, the call to prayer is made. I perform ablution and pray in the mosque. After praying, I started working. I work till 3:45 and recite Asr prayers. I pray in the mosque and have some tea. I started working again after drinking tea till the holidays.



In the evening when eating murdi macha.

I leave the office at 5:30 and come home. I come home and keep the bike. Then Maghrib Azan is performed and Maghrib prayers are performed with ablution. After praying, I went to the railway station. I stood on the overbridge of the station for a while. Then I walked towards the station. Then I eat murdi macha. I kept walking slowly towards the covered house. I came home and played games on my mobile for a while. Then Esha became azan.



Time to bring the cost to the store at night.

If it is Azan of Esha, do not do aju with cold water. After that I went to the mosque. I prayed and came home. I came home and went to the shop to bring some expenses. I went to the store and came home with the expenses. I come home and write diary all day. After that I don't eat dinner. Then goes to bed. I watched the movie on YouTube for a while. After watching the movie for a while, I fell asleep.This was my diary all day today. I hope everyone will like it. Thanks everyone for reading this post. Stay well and stay healthy. Use Max.


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মুড়ি মাখা আমার খুবি পছন্দের।আপনার লেখার স্টাইল ভালো ছিলো।


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কিসে চাকরি করেন ভাই আপনি। মুড়ি মাখার দোকান টি মনে হয় স্টেশনের ।

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বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে ।হা স্টেশনে।

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