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About the contest

Hello everyone

I am here bringing Garden Photography Week 5 contest for you guys. The contest is about sharing your garden photography.

Many people have many hobbies. Gardening is one of them. Gardening is good for our environment besides it's also good for our health. It keeps our mind fresh. Share your garden photography like photographs of your plants, flowers or anything related to garden.

Rules and regulations

  • You need to make a separate post in Steem Bangladesh community

  • Photo must be original

  • You can share short description of your photo

  • Comment your post link here

  • Use tag #gardening with other tags

  • The last time of this contest is on 25 June at 12 pm Bangladesh time.

Prize 🏆


Cc: @steemitblog


Lindas flores amigo @shuvoprosad, Saludos.

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Thanks 😍

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You have to make a separate post in Steem Bangladesh community then you have to comment your post link in this post.

Vai really sorry! ami 3din agei separate post korecilam...but vul kore link add kori nai!
akhon link add kore dici....so please Check now. Thank you brother. ❣️@nahidhasan23

Hello everyone! I really like the dynamics, gardening is a noble and precious occupation. Here is my participation:



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Hola amigos, aqui mi entrada.


So cute! I love them. Thanks

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¡Hola! por aquí dejaré mi participación, suerte a todos.

💮Mi entrada

bella las once.jpg

Hermoso jardín.

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@nahidhasan23 via ami 30sp increase koreci total 280 sp delegation approve kore diben plz via. 🌹✅

Wow! These flowers are Unique! Thanks to share.

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Thanks for liking them.

Your post is very good and your photograph is very amazing and you work very hard

Hello Friends. Hope you are fine. Here my entry this Week:



Greetings 🌼