The Special best Diary Game // by @khan55( 19/10/2021)

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🌹Hello friends🌹

🌺Assalamu Alykum🌺

How are you all? Hope everybody is well. Today I will share in the form of a diary some of the busy days of last Tuesday 19th October. With you, I hope everyone will like it. Let's get started...

Yesterday was Tuesday, 19 October . 2021.



Pictures of flowers taken while walking in the morning.

I woke up at 5 in the morning. I got up, freshened up and went to the mosque with ablution. When the prayers were over at 5.30 am, I went home.It was raining lightly and it was mild winter. The weather was very nice.Come home. Then I went out for a walk. I went out for a walk and took a picture of a flower in front of a house. Then I walked for twenty minutes and came home. I come home and make breakfast, my mother eats bread and tea. After that I work at home for a while. In the meanwhile the rain started pouring down, nowhere else to go. After not working for a while, time passes like this and it becomes noon.



The picture was brought to the market at noon.

When the rain subsides in the afternoon, I go to the market. I go to the market and buy coriander leaves, papaya, potatoes, green chillies and come home. I came home, took a bath and prayed. After prayers, I eat lunch with gosht. Then I work on the steam site for a while. Then I go to rest.



Photo taken at the market in the afternoon.

I woke up at four in the afternoon. After freshening up, I went to the mosque to offer Asr prayers. I came home after prayers. I came home and went to the market. I go to the market two days a week. I go to the market and buy grapefruit bananas. Then I go to the market of laughter. Laughter is very expensive. So I come back home.

Evening and Night


Pictures of eating sweets at home in the evening.

Maghrib Azan is held in the evening. I go to the mosque to pray. I come home after prayers. I come home and eat sweets. Then I read my job book for a while. Then the call to prayer is made. I go to the mosque after ablution. When I come home after prayers, I meet my friend. I come home and write a diary for the whole day. Then I eat dinner. Then I fall asleep watching YouTube. This was my diary for the whole day yesterday. I hope everyone will like it. Thank you all for reading this post.

The End