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How are you all. Hope all are you good. Today i will share my special day with @steemit. Today is special for my sister because today her brother birthday. Yes its my birthday but now i,m 27 so i,m so i,m not like to celebrate birthday. Also cut cake but my sister take a chocolate cake for me. Now i will tell whole how can i spend my birthday. This is my first time to described my birthday. Before i,m share my birthday to any platform like Facebook

Birthday celebration


In morning

As usual i,m also woke up at 5:30 pm. Then going to fresh up and also take my prayers. Its my birthday so after prayer i,m going to my mother and bless her to touch her feet. Because my mother i,m now here. Only for her i can breath and i can see the beautiful world. My father was no more. I will miss him. Few minutes later my little sister come to me and wish me happy birthday. Then we all ear our breakfast together at 9 am.

In noon

At 11 am my mother going to cook many delicious food. My mother cooked white rice or polao. I,m going to help my mother and my sister also help my mother.



My mother also cooked beef curry
With potatoes. Its my favourite food. So my mother cooked it for me.

Beef curry


other thing is also my favourite its chicken curry. It was also Very delicious .

Chicken curry


At last my mother make dessert for me. After eating launch she made dessert. It sweet dessert in bangla its calked payes. It really very tasty.



In Evening

My little want to buy cake for me but i,m not like it to cut cake but for her i bought a cake. Its really Strange that its my birthday and i,m going to buy cake for me. No its not for me its for my little sister. I buy a chocolate cake its my sister favourite. But i,m not write any thing in cake like happy birthday. I will never cut cake its feel me strange. Then take cake and come back home.

Cake box


My sister to see cake she felt very happy. Now i,m going to cut cake with my little sister and my mother.


Now the time to cut cake. It was very simple no decorated but it was very nice to spend whole my day with my family. I will cut cake.

Cut cake


After cutting cake i,m going to my sister and my mother fed them cakes with my own hands and they fed me cakes too. The cake was very tasty . Then my sister doing very naughty thing to cover my face with chocolate cream. It was very fun to us.

Eat cake


Eat sweet


It was my first and best birthday with my family.

At night

After celebrate my birthday i,m going to my room and read book. Then at 8:30 pm i,m going to take my dinner. Then watch news and going to my bed. Then sometime i will talk to my frnd then going to sleep at 11 pm.

Thank you so much