It's BBQ time. Eid's Special Party With Cousins.

in Steem Bangladesh2 years ago

Hello Guys.

How are you guys?
I hope that you all are well by the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

The Eid-Ul-Fitar of this year was one of the best Eid I spent. Every year on Eid day or after it I go out on a trip with all my cousins or friends. But, we didn't have this opportunity this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing lockdown.

But, instead of all these years, Eid was the best. Normally the fun ends in 2-3 days after the trip ends. But this year it seems like it's still Eid. Most of the cousins are still at home we hang out at night for hours and have a lot of fun. We also played cricket together. And yesterday night was the best of all. We made chicken bbq ourselves and ate them after that we also spend some time together. It was really great.
This was the first time we did it but it was amazingly tasty. We didn't expect that, we thought it would not be tasty. Before yesterday it was another cousin of ours who used to cook but unfortunately he is now outside the country.

It was thought to make it including making the oven and making the mixture of the ingredients used to cook the chickens. But, in the end, all the fun we had. The work was nothing compared to it. We're gonna miss each other.

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