Beautiful Sunset Scenery of My Village. Beauty of Bangladesh.

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Hi Everyone.

How are you all?

I hope that you all are well by the grace of Allah.
I'm also doing fine but I'm passing quite a busy time.

For quite some days I'm passing by a hard time mainly with my economical situation. So, I'm trying to work hard to pass this condition. Also, I have to spend most of my time in my father's shop. And I also have to manage my online shop. I'm now writing this post while sitting at my father's shop. And after all these, I also have to find out some time for my study.

So, as you can see it's being tougher and tougher as the days pass. But, I hope I'll be able to get past it sooner or later. Have some debts to pay and also have to solve some business losses. And in all of these, the falling price of both STEEM and SBD is also has something to do.

I hope that I'll be able to get past my problems sooner and get back to you sooner with more content.

Now, back to the main topic.

I've promised in my previous photography post that I'll be posting regularly my nature photographs mainly pictures of my home village. But, in all the work pressure I couldn't have shared it with you. But, today I'm going to share some beautiful views of nature in my village.

  • In my previous post, I've shared some pictures of the sunrise scenery of my village. And this time I'll share some beautiful sunset moments.

As I say in all my nature photography posts. I'm a huge nature lover. I spend most of my free time sitting alone in an open field or place that has a large view of nature and enjoy the scenery, the beauty of our mother nature. And not only my village, the rural beauty, but the evergreen nature of every village of our country is also really attractive and I love to enjoy it whenever I get the chance.

This first picture that I've added above is captured at the back of my house. There I have a small vegetable farm and there is a large field of rice next to it. So, it makes the sunset more beautiful. Seems like the sun is hiding behind the trees standing far away after the rice fields.

There is also another place in my village from where you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset. It's the main road that goes from the middle of our village which is also a river dam built almost 50 years ago to protect the villagers from the flood. It's almost 40 meters long which gives it the advantage of having a great view all over the village.



All of these pictures were captured by me at my home village named MALAPARA. I've captured all these pictures using my mobile phone XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 7S. Normal cam, ai mode.

My Previous Post of Sunrise Photography

I hope that you've enjoyed my post and liked my post. I'll try my best to get back to you with another new post of mine sooner. Till then stay well, stay happy. See you in my next post.

Thank You

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