An amazing reunion with my old college friends.

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Hello Everyone.

How are you all?

Yesterday, was one of the happiest days for me that I'd love to share with everyone and that's why now I'm writing this post.

Yesterday, in the afternoon I came home from my shop to take a break while my father was handling the shop. Then one of my old college buddies called me and said that he's on holiday and reached home that day in the morning. He was one of my closest friends in college life. He's a navy soldier and gets's holiday rarely. The last time I met him was 2 years ago. So, I didn't want to kiss the chance. I told him to go to our college from where we studied together and said that I'll be there in about 20 min. I changed my shirt and went out on my bike. On my way there I called another one of our friends who live near the college area and told him to go there. And there was another one whose home was on my way there so I picked him up with me too.


All of our friends weren't there and it was decided all of a sudden. But, for me, it was so great to meet with them after this long time. First, we met with each other at our college and spent almost 2 hours talking about our old life, the current situation of everyone and many other things. By then it was already dark. I was hungry cause I was in my shop the whole day, so we decided to go somewhere and eat something. Then one of us named FAYSAL said that there's a new resort named SHAWPNODIP COFFEE HOUSE & RESORT. And their chicken grill is so tasty. Then we went there together, it was 5 minutes of walking distance from our college. The place was so good-looking. The whole place made with bamboo and there were woods used in some places. The decoration was pretty cool and colorful.


The funny thing is, my home is so much far away from theirs and I was the first one to reach there. Then I had to also wait 20 minutes for them. This picture was taken while I was waiting for them. This was our college.


While we were eating.

This was a really amazing get-together and I enjoyed this time a lot. And I wanted to share this happy moment of mine with you guys.

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