THE DIARY GAME : MONDAY / AUGUST 10/ 2020 | Day - 9 | An Ordinary Day !

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Assalamu Alaikum Good morning, I hope everyone is well. I am also well by the grace of Allah, Alhamdulillah. Today is my ninth day in Diary game and it's my ninth post. Now I will describe below all the activities of 10th August. Today 11th August at 8:18 am I am writing this post for 10th August because yesterday I couldn't write the post so I put it this morning I hope you understand and hopefully everyone will be with me. Let's get started.

The day started yesterday at morning. I woke up in the morning after listening to my mother's call. I do my fajar prayer and go to sleep again, wake up and have breakfast, then I do the post the day after tomorrow morning as I am doing today. At the end of breakfast I brows the phone and watch my favorite series Artugrul on the phone. After a while my appetite gets bigger and I want to eat so we have some bread so I let it eat with some similar meat and sweets.

Then I started watching the series again. After a long time, when it was time for Zuhr, I made the bed, took a bath, performed Ozu with the bath and then performed the Zuhr prayer. I eat lunch at after end of the prayer and then fall asleep. This time I woke up after four pm in the afternoon, freshened up, performed Ozu and performed Asr prayer and told one of my elder brothers to go out for a walk. Then when it is Maghrib time, we go to the market and perform Maghrib prayer in a mosque and return home after buying some items. After that I gossip for a while with my family and aunt, pray Esha salat and have dinner, then go to sleep after watching the series on my mobile.

This was my activities of yesterday. I hope you all enjoyed writing a short summary of all the activities of the day and your day went well. Thank you all, Allah Hafez.

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Great post, Keep posting every day.

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