The Diary Game 🌀 Better Life 🌀 19.10.2021 by @banty1

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Assalamu alicum

Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. I'm much better. I want to take part in the daily diary game competition organized by @steam-bangladesh. Let's get started ...
How I spent my day all day yesterday ...



A fresh at morning

After waking up in the morning, he goes to the washroom to freshen up. That's why I brush my teeth. There is no brush and paste to brush. Let me brush my teeth when I go. There I then went to my room to sacrifice the food cooked by her hand to my mother. Gives morning light without dinner. Then I said they weren't very good. Discussion Thanks why you make morning light and bread recipes. I like to eat it very much. After a while I told my younger brother that the condition of your tree is very bad. Then I went to the tree and took water. I watered the tree slowly and it seems to be happening this time. Then I came up with some pictures of my tree.


This was the behavior of the afternoon. This afternoon I basically go out for my meal. Because today I went out a little. Went for shopping. Cooked in the afternoon so I order different things to go to the hotel. Through I eat I then I finish my eating and go home. I did not rest for a while after taking a bath and praying. To wake up in the afternoon. Then I woke up in the afternoon.


In the afternoon I went for a walk with my younger brother. It was very good to visit Nadira. After the two brothers went for a walk together, I went to a shop and looked at the tea. It is very good to eat bread with tea. So I ordered with two. I started eating now after a while Maghrib Azan Delwar. Then I prayed and came home.


Screenshot (74).png

I had a screenshot on my laptop while watching the natok on YouTube

The night was different. At night we all work on a project together. We go to him to present it to him. He tries to study us for a while by taking out the money animal once. And how fun it was to watch a play after finishing their studies. After finishing the play, sleep has started. Let's talk about the presence of sleep in the eyes. Then I now I fall asleep.

Your best regards


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