1000 DAYS OF STEEM— THE DIARY GAME : 11/08/2020

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Hello everyone...

Good night. Its my Eleventh day of the daily diary game by steemit.


hope everyone is well.

my diary

Like every day I come back to you again I will now share with you all what I did or did not do with my daily routine.
I woke up this morning at around six and woke up and saw a lot of rain so I came to the window and sat down and started feeling both rain and wind.

After a while I got up from there, went to the bathroom, brushed and washed my hands and face.I was very hungry and my mother was not at home so I had to make my own breakfast.

eggs and bread



I make toast with four eggs and one packet of bread for breakfast and finish my breakfast with it.After breakfast I couldn't go anywhere because it was raining so I went to my room and watched TV.

watching tv


There was a very beautiful movie on TV so I watched the movie on TV for a long time.
I spent a lot of time watching TV then suddenly I saw that the rain was a little less then I went outside.Like every other day,
I went out and chatted with my friends and everyone started playing ludu.
It took a long time to hang out with friends and play ludu so I went home again at 12:30 and went home to take a bath and have lunch.At noon I ate the beef and rice that my mother cooked yesterday and left in the fridge.

I took them out of the fridge, reheated them in the oven and finished eating.After eating, I rested a bit like every day and talked about studying with college friends through messenger on my mobile phone.
Talking to friends on messenger, I can't tell when the time has passed. Suddenly I look at my watch. It's 2:30.pmThen I immediately left the phone and fell asleep.

I fell asleep and suddenly one of my nephews called but I woke up on his phone.He called me and told me that he was going to go fishing somewhere and he told me to go too.






I woke up and freshened up and went away with him We both went to the pond and both of us started fishing in the pond.
I finished fishing and came home in the evening. I had to take a bath again. I finished my bath and went out. I went out to have tea at a hotel and had tea.

I went to my friends' house and together we started playing cards.I came out of my friend's house after playing wood game and came to my house at around 9 pm.



I was out a lot today because my mother was not at home.Back home, I washed my hands and face, ate dinner and rested a little After resting, I studied for a while and after studying, I started creating a blog for Steam.After writing the blog and posting on Steam, I will fall asleep. All will be well,

Allah Hafez

thanks @afridiabid

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Great work bro

Very Nice post.

the egg and bread recipe is my favourite. Be careful when you catch the fish. Cause that catfish can harm your hand.


Nice diary.

You have done a lot of work. Making toast with egg was a good idea. I think it is very tasty. I also like to catch fish. But, I don't get so much time to do that.


ধন্যবাদ ভাই। মাছ ধরতে চাইলে চলে আসেন আমাদের কাছে।

What is the name of the fish you are holding in your hand? I think it will be Anabas fish or tilapia fish. #onepercent #bangladesh

এটি হচ্ছে কই মাছ ।

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