Eid Meraj is the great power and direction to liberate humanity

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Eid Meraj teaches that the main condition of the existence of faith is to be a servant of God, to be one's own, to be accepted, to be free from all falsehoods and falsehoods and to be the only beloved prophet.


It is a prerequisite to be a beloved prophet to be actively responsible for rescuing the soul, religion, people and the world from the clutches of Tawheed, not only truth and justice, but also humanity and rights.


If any kind of false oppressor confesses to the evil power and cooperates in their establishment, then in fact, kalema is denied, kalema is the opposite position, even if it is admitted in the mouth, in reality the message is denied.


Truth and falsehood, that is, truth and falsehood, do not have the connection of kalema alone, the opposite life and world of kalema is created. If it is not possible to play an active role in resisting the evil forces, then at least hatred must be found in the mind, the way of resistance must be found, but there is no question of the believers or the beloved Prophet being the accomplice of any false oppressive evil force. Becomes part.


Eid Meraj is the great power and direction to liberate humanity from the clutches of falsehood and destruction by uniting soul and life in truth.

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