MUSIC FOR STEEM: "Pagkamaayo Mo Hesus" Cover with Hubby

Buenas Noches song birds!

It's me again, @kyrie1234. And today I am so excited to share with you our FIRST duet with my love @jmaxswivel.

Music has been already part of our love story journey. Long before, when I still have the golden voice, I was once a worship leader and he was our drummer. Our love developed maybe because we had the same likes and we share same passion. Unfortunately, after I gave birth, my voice changed and sometimes I lost air when I sing. Maybe because I wasn't able to practice it anymore. So, just bear with my voice...

"Pagkamaayo Mo Hesus" is a Bisaya term of "Lord, You Are So Good". And we chose this song as our first entry together to show to everyone that God did greater things in our lives.

Please click the VIDEO below to listen:




Ang tibuok kong kasing kasing
Alang lamang kanimo
Walay laing manag iya
TUNGUD kay kining kinabuhi
imong GASA;BUsa angayan laMANg nga
Pagasimbahon ka.


Pagkamaayo mo HESUS
Pagkatahum ning Gugma mo
Way makalabaw sa tiunay kalipay ko
Dalaygon ka HESUS
Igabayaw ang ngalan mo
sa tibuok kung kasing kasing
magapasalamaton ko

Verse 2

Bisan adunay panahon
Nga ako mibiya
Apan ang imong gugma
Nagpabilin kanako
Apan ang imong kahibulungan
Nga grasya naga hatag ug
Paglaom kanako

Thank you so much @musicforsteem for the unending support of my entry. As well to mam @cryptokannon of @steemingcuration for always there encouraging everyone! Steem on everyone!

Love Lots,



About the Author

Aloha! @kyrie1234 is a Public Highschool Teacher handling in Grade 9 Math. She is the adviser of Grade 9- Special Science Class. She has a daughter who is 2 years old. She loves to explore the world and see its wonders. She wants to learn cooking and baking. She also loves different artworks and admires them. Again, thank you for the support.

Wow, what a great couple with so amazing lyric song. Truly indeed, God is so great!

Yes indeed mam... Tnx for dropping by

To more music video to the both of you.

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