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Is it a fact that the jury must take into account the two new aspects to evaluate the participants?

The wording is somewhat inconsistent. In the text it says:

10 of these entries are now sent to the Jury members of the contest Music For Steem. Each one gives a score to the valid artists, based on 3 different things we look for.

"... based on 3 different things we look for."

But then you tell us:

Musicianship (20) Presentation (20) Effect (20) NOT POWERING DOWN (20) Engagement (20).

Would you please clarify this aspect for us?


Si seria bueno que nos aclararan un poco sobre esto, por favor y disculpen porque tambien tenia una duda que era que hace 1 dia atras si no me equivoco, pasaron un informe que iban a haber nuevas reglas para la calificacion y puntuacion de los participantes, dentro de los cuales estaban no apagarse, pero segun lo que lei eso era para tomarlo en cuenta desde la semana 6 osea la siguiente que viene, por eso me quede un poco confundido.

Hola Rodolfo, puedes darme tu numero telefónico?. Quizá pueda ayudarte con lo de las cuerdas.

Hi! The points for the Jury are the same structure. Jury members give points on 3 aspects of their performance. The extra tabs, are filled in with points that they earn from not powering down (that is either + 20 or not) and the engagement. At the moment 1 assistant is checking engagement today. We are setting criteria internally to give points on the engagement. The more they post, comment and vote, the more points they receive on the total performance.

Thanks for the question!

This makes perfect sense.

In fact, after reading the post again, I was able to understand that.
Now you are corroborating it for me.

Thank you for your kind response.

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